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"Your recipes worked great for me - and I can't even cook..."


"Thank you for helping me to realize I love cooking..."


"Well worth the money. I've used several of these recipe secrets in other dishes I make..."


"My brother in law said that until now, he thought no one could make chicken that good except KFC..."


"I think your cookbook will put these restaurants out of business if everyone starts following your instructions and cook from home!..."


"I was a little skeptical at first, but to my delight - these recipes really work..."


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    Chain Restaurant Recipes Cookbook

    Recipesecrets.net provides America’s most popular cookbook containing chain restaurant recipes from the most popular set of chain restaurants in the world. You will know why Chain Restaurant Recipes Cookbook is so popular when you try the recipes yourself. The recipe book includes full nutritional information and also helps you to save time and money. You can also find free recipes daily and other cooking tips at recipesecrets.net.

    Chain restaurant recipes cookbook uncovers the secret recipes from your favorite restaurants. Your family will surely love them. With the help of chain restaurant recipes, you can learn how to make favorite dishes with perfect taste as in popular chains restaurant. By preparing these chain restaurant recipes at home, you can save huge amounts of money. So discover Chain restaurant recipes and get started to prepare perfect recipes right now.

    Make brand-name dishes at home with common ingredients and get the restaurant taste at home. We provide a wide range of chain restaurant recipes:

    • General or gourmet cooking, world cuisines and wines. Recipe categories covering - ethnic foods, holidays, and ingredients.Collection of recipes categorized as Appetizers, Beverages, Breads, Side Dishes, Main Dishes and Desserts.Recipes for chicken, beef, pasta, seafood, shrimp, salads, and homemade desserts from chocolate pies to cakes, breads.
    • Coffee-flavored desserts and drinks are also available

    Recipesecrets.net also offers cooking definitions, facts, forums, and professional recipes in addition to 1000 delicious recipes from America's favorite food companies and leading restaurants. Search or browse by region or category and get the desired chain restaurant recipes at home. Impress your friends by preparing these perfect recipes. You can also find free recipes online, such as Vegetarian Recipes, Diabetic Recipes, Healthy Heart Recipes and much more.

    Recipesecrets.net includes message boards, chats, an online cookbook store, and a message board for discussing food, cooking tips and more. Chain restaurant recipes book also offers America's Top Drink Recipes as special attraction. So be the world’s best cook with our chain restaurant recipes.

    Enjoy International Recipes, Low Calorie Recipes and many more




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