Copycat Chili’s Honey-Chipotle Sauce

Everyone seems to be on a “chipotle” pepper kick these days. Chipotle peppers are smoked jalapenos. This has become one of my favorite dipping sauces. It goes great with chicken fingers. So sweet and so spicy! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Copycat Chili’s Honey-Chipotle Sauce

  1. FoodMan says:

    I actually just tried this recipe and it turned out great. It has a little kick, but the sweetness really offsets it and gives it a nice balance. I did add in one of my own ingredients which was some seasoning from I’ve always had it when I was growing up. Keep the great recipes coming!

  2. amy Kilbride says:

    love chipolti chicken at chilis!!!!! A friend sent me a rasberry chipolti sauce from Costco from California!!! It was so close to the chilis taste. tried the recipe………but cant get close to Chillis………I guess its the combo of the great fried chicken they make with the sauce.. cant make such great fried chicken as they do!!!

  3. Sheri says:

    Tried this recipe and it was close but not quite the right balance between sweet & spicy. Tried a second time with 3/4 c honey and 1 1/2 tsp chipotle and a dash of cinnamon and was much closer.

  4. Danny says:

    Just tried this recipe… IT’S GREAT!

    It’s 4/20 here, so that only means one thing!!! We made the recipe after we smoked our herb and it definitely hit the spot!

    Thank you!!!

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