Copycat Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies

Everyone loves Girl Scout cookies and the Thin Mints are my favorites! This past weekend I baked a batch of these with my nephew and they came out amazing. I hope you enjoy!



  1. When you say to put the first three ingredients into the bowl and then add water, do you mean the first four?

  2. This recipe is almost exactly like Girl Scout Cookies! Great Job!

    Laura-Mix the flour and cake mix together first then add in the shortening, water and egg. I made my dough a few nights before I actually used it. I did end up adding some more water to get everything mixed evenly.

  3. does anyone have a recipe for the lemonades? The GS cookie not the drink.

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  5. Great! Or you could just buy Keeblers Grasshopper cookies. Exactly the same as thin mints!

  6. Great recipe!!! I have made these for my family over and over. I didn’t have the peppermint extract one time and had a couple boxes Andes mints lying around so I melted both boxes and used as the coating. The thin chocolate/mint bars worked great!

    Thanks for all your great recipes and tips !!!

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