Copycat KFC Buttermilk Biscuits

Serves: 6Buttermilk Biscuits
Ready In: Under 30 minutes

2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 Tbs baking powder
3/4 cup buttermilk
1 teaspoon salt
6 Tbs lard

Sift the dry ingredients in a large bowl.
Cut in the lard with a pastry cutter or with two knives until a coarse texture is obtained.
Add buttermilk and knead gently but thoroughly.
The dough should be soft but not sticky: if it is, add a little more flour.
Knead for 1 minute, wrap in foil or wax paper and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.
Roll out the dough 1/2 inch thick on a lightly floured surface and cut with a biscuit cutter. (If you don’t have one, a cup with the desired diameter will work.)
Transfer biscuits to a dark baking sheet and bake until golden brown, 10-12 minutes.



  1. I’ve made these biscuts several times..I changed things just a bit..I always use lard and I always use real buttermilk the other thing I do is use cake flour it makes a lighter biscuit. and I added one tsp of sugar for added flavor.. they are fantastic! be sure to cut them thick at least one inch. I also do not brush with melted butter until after they come out of the oven.

  2. I’m a novice biscuit maker and have tried 2 other recipes before. Both came out tough, flat and pale in color. These turned out wonderful! They were easy to make (I subed vinegar/skim milk for buttermilk and real butter for lard), rose beautifully (cut at 1/2″ thick), and were a yummy buttery golden brown. They were a touch heavy so maybe next time I’ll try cake flour. And I would definitely recommend brushing the tops with a hefty amount of melted butter after taking them out of the oven. Really delicious!

  3. CRT you are so right about our vendors nowadays. They sale us junk and most people don’t even realize they can substitute things and make the real stuff that tastes much better than they can buy. I do have a couple of questions on your post though.

    1. When making your own butter which kind of cream do I use?
    2. On the sour cream, how much of the heavy cream do I use?
    Thanks bunches

    Also those of you who said these biscuits were heavy, did you remember to sift them?

  4. Dry buttermilk is 4 TBSP per one cup of water to make a cup of buttermilk…mix dry buttermilk with your dry ingredients and add the water when you add your liquids…and the difference in the two different buttermillk being argued over is store buttermilk is usually cultured home made buttermilk from fresh cows milk is not…culturing adds a deeper flavor and changes the ph of the finished product…

  5. just a little hint on the biscuit making, if you have a biscuit cutter, its way better to use that than a glass. the sharp edge makes them fluffier. a dull edge kinda squishes the layers of the biscuit together so they cant rise as well.

  6. I tried these tonite for dinner and they really did taste something like kfc’s! I used very cold (almost frozen) butter and less than half the salt. dont think my oven was preheated enough. will watch that next time but much better than the plain baking powder bisbuits I usually make! Im hooked. thanks!

  7. To make a biscuit like KFC’s… What a puny goal! I want mine to be as good as my grandmother’s or my mother’s!
    Admittedly, KFC’s are better than out of a can.
    I use cake flour and the “realest” buttermilk I can find.
    If you can’t get real, don’t sweat it. Use fresh baking powder or make your own from soda and cream of tarter!
    My mom would not “work” the dough but would fold the dough about four or five times, using flour to keep it from sticking, and roll it out gently to a 1/2″ thickness. Don’t twist your cutter when you cut them out. Speed is of the essence or you can go the refrigeration route. She did not do that, but all ingredients were cold and she worked fast to get them into the oven.

  8. Okay can someone please just freaking comment on the taste of the biscuits? I don’t care about all of this buttermilk conversation I just wanna know how people like this recipe .

  9. Biscuits like KFC isn’t a terrible goal. I’m gluten-free and dairy free, so I’m constantly trying to find decent recipes that I can work with for the foods that I miss. King Arthur Flour and Gluten Free Pantry make good multi-purpose substitutes for the flour, and for the buttermilk I obviously use the lemon juice/vinegar trick in my milk substitute (almond or rice) since a dairy-free “buttermilk” doesn’t really exist where I’m at. I also don’t use lard since I’m highly allergic to pig products, I usually substitute a vegetable shortening instead.

    This recipe isn’t really any better or worse than the others that I’ve tried. My ex (who doesn’t have to eat gluten-free) ate 3 of them when I made them, so they clearly weren’t bad. Mine got a little burnt, but I think my oven cooks higher than the temperature it claims to be at. Will probably give these another go with butter instead of shortening.

  10. These biscuits were great! I used butter instead of lard, it gives it a great flavor. I also spread melted butter over the top of them before putting them in the oven. They were light, buttery, and flaky. Soft on the inside and a little crunchy on top. I like them better than KFC, especially since I can make them right at home.

  11. I don’t buy Buttermilk any longer. I buy the powdered Buttermilk, so there is no waste. I buy this in the US, as we do not have this in Canada.

  12. FYI – the buttermilk trick (adding vinegar or lemon juice to the liquid) works just as well with soy milk. My son is allergic to milk, so we substitute soy milk, quite successfully, in just about any recipe.

    I also use butter flavored crisco as a fat for most baking, with good results in most recipes.

  13. LOL i just read ALL the comments and i now know:
    -how to make butter, buttermilk, sourcream and ricotta cheese
    -many great substitutes for a lot of baking ingredients, veggie and allergy friendly.
    -that a lot of people have made these biscuits and they’ve come out great
    -that some people become very passionately angry when you try to offer helpful substitutions on the internet
    -…and that other people become so enraged after having to read through more than 5 comments to get some information on people who have tried the recipe that they will skip past countless comments on exactly that just to complain that noone has posted the comments they want.

    so thank you, random internet people. i needed a laugh tonight. and to other, helpful, random internet people, you’re awesome, keep doin what you do. you make internet recipes frikkin AWESOME.

  14. Well said Peanut.

    Really looking forward to trying out these biscuits.

  15. These turn out great! (First time biscuit maker here). I substituted Land O lakes butter for Lard and brushed the tops with buttermilk before putting them into the oven.

    For those who prefer a less salty taste (not me :) ) try using Crisco shortening, regular.

    Hope this helps, Enjoy
    *thanks for the recipe :)

  16. @Victoria Yawn

    “One would think that “lard” could very well be replaced with a more “heart friendly” shortening … couldn’t it? Knowing that lard is used in KFC biscuits, I will have to forgo ordering them there. *boo hoo*”

    Heart friendly… I don’t think it means what you think it means…

  17. Biscuits can also be made with sour milk, I use it all the time. And you can also use shortening instead of lard. I keep a “cheese shaker” full of flour in the cabinet, so that I can sprinkle in some extra flour in the biscuit dough, to get the right consistency.

    The oven must be HOT 450 deg F. This is because the baking powder and milk has to “boil” to make the biscuits rise properly.

  18. You can get powdered buttermilk in the baking isle. Once opened, store in the fridge. Tells you on the side of the container how much powder to mix with water. It’s the real deal and I’ve been using it for years. This way, I don’t throw out the buttermilk in a carton I don’t have an immediate use for. Lard is a pure product and Crisco is homogenized. Unless you’re vegan, why use ‘air whipped’ oil? Anyway, thanks for the recipe. I’ll try it soon as I do like the KFC biscuits!

  19. For those worried about lard….real lard rendered from REAL pig fat is healthier than any hydrogenated garbage you find in the stores. However, I seriously doubt KFC uses real lard and surely uses the hydrogenated stuff. it’s basically spreadable plastic.

    The biscuits made with real lard are out of this world. Just sayin’……….

  20. who cares weather some ppl use vinegar or buttermilk.. some ppl have alergies, and some ppl just like it better… everyone is differant and have their own opinion so stop making a big deal bout it… and besides u dnt even kno these ppl u dnt kno what money issues they have or were they live… i would rather use vinegar then drive an hour to get buttermilk!

  21. Okay….let’s drop the drama on buttermilk. I want to know how you made them (butttermilk, milk w/vinegar, lard, butter, shortening, ect) and how your version came out “Good, bad or whatever”. Isn’t that why we all are here to bake and learn from each other????

  22. I use vinegar in milk to make sour milk for a chocolate cake recipe I have. I never knew sour milk and buttermilk were the same thing. Other than that Peanut hit it right on the head. Wow, people!

  23. Just for the record: Crisco is NOT heart healthy. It is an hydrogenated fat–which clogs your arteries and God knows what it does to the rest of your body. It is NOT digestible!

    Lard is making a comeback because, unlike what the media wants us to believe, it is JUST the kind of fat our bodies need. You must have fat to lubricate your arteries and your brain must have fat–from natural sources, like grass-fed and pastured organic meat.

    Don’t buy into this low-fat, heart healthy crap. This kind of low-fat diet will kill you.

  24. I can not imagine any one that calls themselves a COOK that doesent keep butter milk. I can’t cook with out it. I can not think of a meal that I don’t use it. I guess
    bring from the south makes a difference I can’t imagine
    a country that doesn’t have BUTTER IF THEY HAVE
    THEY GOT BUTTER MILK.But then I have only been
    cooking for 69 years.


    •8 1/8 cups cabbage
    •1/3 cup carrots, shredded
    •1 teaspoon onion, chopped fine
    •3/4 cup buttermilk
    •1/2 cup mayonaise
    •1/8 cup milk
    •2 tablespoons lemon juice
    •1/2 teaspoon salt
    •1/8 teaspoon pepper
    •1/3 cup granulated sugar

    1.Core the cabbage, then shred using the fine disk for
    the shredder attachment to the food processor.

    2.Shred the carrot the same way.

    3.Mix together cabbage, carrot and onion.

    4.In a bowl, combine the buttermilk, mayonnaise, milk,
    and lemon juice with a whisk until well combined.

    5.Add the salt and pepper.

    6.Add the sugar to the sauce until well mixed in.

  26. not sure if any of you knew this or not, but you can
    FREEZE left over Butter Milk and it is just fine the next time you use it.

    Just let it thaw out and shake it up a little bit to mix it back up. I do this all the time and also with my regular milks as well if we find them on sale for a good price.

  27. I can’t believe the negativity in this post. Who cares about using/not using the buttermilk. Please post on how you made the biscuits and if they were good or not. Take the debate on Buttermilk elsewhere.

    I use the vinegar/milk, regular flour, criso, (not butter flavored) and they turned out very good.

  28. I don’t have to worry about what to do with left over buttermilk..My husband drinks it faster than I can use it. I haven’t tried this specific recipe but I have made buttermilk biscuits before and they always turn out good..I have also tried the vinegar method if I didn’t have buttermilk and didn’t want to drive 30 minutes to the store.I don’t drink buttermilk but I think it makes a lot of recipes a lot better. By the way if you want to add sugar for a little extra flavor in this recipe try powdered sugar if you have it..Just sift it with your flour..I have done this and it’s very tasty.

  29. Well I made this recipe, I did everything, even used lard, kneaded it gently, used the powered buttermilk, and they did not rise very well, I am wondering if it could me the alltitude, I am in Den.Colo., I don’t know, but I am going to try again. I love to bake, but biscuts have never been one of my best.

  30. Giving the people what they want:

    Just took these out of the oven and am thrilled. I used shortening, the controversial buttermilk substitute and cooked them for 12 minutes. Texture wise they are identical to KFC, flavor wise they’re close; good but not as buttery. Overall I’ll add them to the winner pile and make again.

  31. I agree with you ladies if you don’t have buttermilk make it like they said I have in the past like my mom taught me and my food came out &I tasted ok.some ppl live in the country & don’t want to ride 45a min in town for just cup of buttermilk when the old lemon or vinegar in milk has been around for years does just as well.

  32. These don’t exactly taste like KFC biscuits to me, but I had no buttermilk and had to substitute with milk and vinegar >.> That’s probably the reason they have this bad but bearable aftertaste. Also I didn’t have a measuring spoon for the lard so I was just estimating…
    But other than that, these were the second best biscuits I’ve ever had :3
    Also, if ya really want em to be KFC-y, melt some butter and kinda rub it over the top of em fresh out of the oven. I used to work at KFC, and they did that, and it was awesome:)

  33. I never cease to be amazed at some of the strange comments people make. But the recurring theme here seems to be people not wanting to get in their cars and drive 20-30 minutes to town for buttermilk. Did it ever occur to you to put it on your list and buy it when you do your regular shopping. It lasts a couple of weeks, so that is when I make recipes that call for buttermilk. It makes a wonderful Ranch style salad dressing and a really great Texas sheet cake among other things. Years ago KFC made huge biscuits. I would use them for strawberry shortcakes cause the biscuits were so light and tasty. Then they made their biscuits very small and I stopped using them. So I will double the recipe and make huge shortcakes. And yes, I will use lard.

  34. I am so sick of people assuming that all I have to do is run down to the store to get Buttermilk
    The nearest place that sells buttermilk is several thousand miles away from where I currently live
    ( 4 1/3 hour drive and a 7 Hour plane ride to LA)
    so to make all you narrow minded people happy,,,I will put it on my list and in about 10 years when I am at a grocery store in North America, I will be sure to pick some up and just maybe it will not go bad before I get home

    not everyone lives in your neighborhood

  35. Message to Calvin, …..and others! I have been cooking for around 55 years. I have made my own buttermilk, all of those years and it is better than “store bought” because I know exactly what is in it. Calvin, you probably have plenty of money, and no kids that you have to drag to the store with you, my point being, why just myob about the buttermilk and everybody stick to the business of the recipe at hand. I happen to know this recipe is good, but it is just as good with butter, and healthier too. Have a good day!

  36. I just finished making this “recipe”? I know how to bake, I’ve been doing it since Jr High, this is nothing like a KFC Buttermilk biscuits!

  37. Buttermilk can be kept for months and still make wonderful biscuits and cornbread! The milk just becomes more and more sour as it ages; therefore, the amount of baking soda or baking powder must be altered (increased) to compensate for the added acidity of the buttermilk.

    We purchase buttermilk in gallon containers so that we do not have to “run to the store” every time we want to use buttermilk. The store is just three miles away, yet the convenience of having buttermilk ready when we need it is worth purchsaing it in a larger quantity.

    If you do not have lard handy, just use bacon grease instead. It gives the bread (biscuits or cornbread) a wonderful taste!

  38. Oh good grief! I just wanted to know how the recipe turned out for those of you who actually made it! Enough about the buttermilk. Six years of griping about buttermilk and buttermilk substitutes is enough! Has anyone made this recently and was it any good? I don’t care if you used real buttermilk, substitute buttermilk, goat buttermilk, vulcan buttermilk, or anything else. Did the recipe work?

  39. Cindy, they turned out very good…i used butter and substituted buttermilk

  40. I love all this discussion on buttermilk etc but ive never even tasted ‘biscuits’ of any sort. We have KFC here in the uk but ive never seen them so im gonna try this recipe and see how it goes i suppose they nearest thing to our ‘scones’ thanks for recipe.

  41. I made it using the buttermilk substitute and using butter flavored crisc. I think the recipe calls for too much baking powder. It had a bitter after taste to it. Hope this helps.

  42. I have been sent your link from a friend in Campbellsville, Ky as I am from the uk. I really admire all you ladies (and gents, sorry lads) the way you share ideas etc. Really great reading, I am going to attempt the KFC biscuits today using the buttermilk substitute, my poor husband hasn’t had those. beautifully tasting and satisfying biscuits for years, since our last visit to USA. . I am very grateful to all for the help and advice x kindest wishes Dee x

  43. These were very good and tasted a lot like the KFC Biscuits. I used butter instead of lard and reduced the salt to 1/4 tsp. For convenience I divided the dough into 12 balls and smashed flat with the bottom of a measuring cup. Next time I will brush them with butter before baking to help them have that golden look.

  44. I have tried this recipe and made it as directed.
    One complaint about the aftertaste. How do you
    avoid this?
    When I add sugar it seems to help take away that bitter taste of baking powder. Also I use the coldest ingredients and a cold bowl evean my flour is chilled or after mixing dry ingredients i will chill it in the fridge then add my cold buttermilk. Then using the fold technique, roll out 1/2 ” using a biscuit cutter no twist

  45. This recipe is great not exactly like KFC and if you add sugar it does help. I also use cake. Flour it makes a lighter biscuit, hot pre heatred oven and a cast iron pan grease with a touch of lard.
    When i make this recipe with my added tweeks. I get a biscuit that tastes closer to KFC’s

  46. I find that to much baking soda has a more bitter taste. I use baking powder. Also knead the dough very gently and not to much. as someone else said, I cook my biscuits about 450 or 500 degrees. Also I love my cast iron cook ware.

  47. Hey everyone, I just finished making these and i have to say that they are amazing biscuits but they arent exactly kfc biscuits. But they are great though.

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