Copycat Lawry’s Taco Seasoning

I never buy those seasoning packages at the store anymore.  Why pay extra for spices I already have at home?  I just mix a batch together and store it in a sealed container for whenever needed.  Feel free to add a little more Cayenne for some extra kick!



  1. I would love the recipe for Lawry’s salsa seasoning & spices which was discontinued last year. It was the BEST

  2. How much seasoning do you use per pound of meat??

  3. I’m so happy I found this recipe! We’re having tacos for lunch – the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

  4. I would love to Lawry’s Salsa Seasoning recipe too! It was the best!!!!! Please help!

  5. Thanks for the recipe, I would LOVE the salsa mix recipe, it could not be beat!!!!!!

  6. I have 4 pckgs of the Lawry’s Salsa seasoning left — anyway to copy it??? We love it the best and were very disappointed to see it disappear from stores…

  7. Not bad, but flavor is too weak. I doubled everything except for the cayenne and salt. Then I added 1/2 teaspoon of cocoa powder. Cocoa powder? (Yes, I read the back of a Lowrey’s Taco Seasoning envelope).

  8. How could this seasoning be made into Lawry’s fajita seasoning? I am trying not to eat as much salt & theirs has a lot of sodium. Thank you

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