10 thoughts on “Copycat McDonalds Filet-O-Fish Sandwich

  1. Thomas A. BARTZ says:

    Dear RON:

    What a coincidence!

    I an recovering from a recent strorke and heart attack, so I spend a lot of time abed. Sincerely, one of my pleasures is getting your newsletter; they are very friendly and uo-beat. Thank you.

    Two nights ago, my wife called to ask if the was anyting she could get for on her way home from work. I mentioned Mac’s Fish Filet and we enjoyed them thoroughly (I never had one before).

    Again, thank you


  2. Frank Anconia says:

    Sounds right! I also though appreciate the comment on “steaming” the buns! C’mon, Mac grilling anyting, get real!

    My girlfriend used to lie on Filet’OFish! Actually that was a real feast for her. Normaly she just drank Coke!

  3. Dawn says:

    I love McDonalds Fish sandwiches. I will try the recipe and see how it taste. I also believe the fish is haddock that McD’s uses.

  4. Joy says:

    I love McD’s Fish Sammie…about the only thing I’ll eat there! I gotta say though…there are not sweet pickles in the tartar sauce. That’s the whole reason I like it….they are dill.

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