Copycat McDonalds Sweet & Sour Sauce

Out of all the fast food chains, McDonald’s Sweet & Sour sauce is my favorite!  Perfect for dipping chicken fingers, and super easy to make at home.



  1. MMMM delicous mconalds i dip SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE on everything!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMM

  2. i looooooooooooooove sweet and sour sauce on my french fries cheese burger and especially my mcnuggets.

  3. I’m sorry, this “clone” doesn’t even come close to McDonald’s sweet & sour sauce. It seems to have a strong mustard smell/taste. Perhaps if we left out the yellow mustard…I will experiment to see if I can improve it.

  4. I’ve made this sauce 3 times, and it’s turned out perfect every time.

    Thank you ChefTom

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