Bonefish Grill’s Spicy Tuna Bowl

At Bonefish Grill their motto is “happiness starts when you walk in the door”.  Today’s secret recipe (below) will bring some of that happiness into your own home.  They recently launched an exciting new menu and one of the delicious dishes is the spicy tuna bowl.  This fresh and flavorful dish combines premium sushi grade tuna with avocado and fruit salsa over fluffy rice.

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New Secret Recipe

Bonefish Grill’s Spicy Tuna Bowl

6 oz. tuna sashimi slices
1 cup cooked Basmati Rice
3 oz. fruit salsa (recipe here)
1 avocado (quartered)
1/4 cup carrot slices (thinly sliced)
4 sprigs of cilantro
Crispy wontons or fried onions for garnish
sweet chile sauce

Lightly sear the tuna sashimi.

On a plate, place tuna sashimi slices on top of cooked rice.

Fan avocado slices out and place next to the tuna.

Pour fruit salsa over the tuna.

Garnish with carrot slices, sprigs of cilantro and crispy wontons.

Serve with soy sauce and sweet chile sauce.

Source: Recipe Secrets Forum
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