10 thoughts on “Copycat Orange Julius

  1. Jann M says:

    i’m so happy to see this copycat recipe. we don’t have an orange julius here any more. how many does this serve?

  2. Carol says:

    I love Orange Julius. I lived in California where there was one on almost every corner. Now, thx 2 U I have my very own O J recipe!! tyvm

  3. Jene Becker says:

    This recipe does not have the “body” of an orange julius. I have seen recipes that use a tablespoon or so ( to a blender) of vanilla instant pudding mix (dry) and that gives it the desired body.

  4. bill guentert says:

    its good butt id drop the milk and add at least 2 egg whites they use to use powerd eggs whites its better with the egg whites

  5. Roger Brandon says:

    I’ve seen one recipe for this where they use powdered sugar instead- the corn starch is supposed to give it the right texture that you find at Orange Julius.

  6. Jay Love says:

    way back IN THE DAY, when I was a kid around the time O Julius was first on the scene I think, in the early 70’s, my sisters had friends who worked there and they passed the Original, Original recipe on to them, we had them all the time afterwards. but…the recipe I remember used REAL squezed Oranges, real vanilla extract, (not the phony type) real whole milk and also always had the real one egg added to the blender! along with basically the other ingrediants listed in this recipe, (sugar,ice, etc..) I tend to like to stay with the real deal but I assume it got too expensive to continue making them the real original way after a while for them?? plus germ freaks don’t want egg as they are afraid it will make them sick??

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