Starbucks(™) Maple Pecan Latte

Today I have a secret recipe for a tasty hot beverage served at Starbucks.  Rich espresso with steamed milk is elevated with the flavors of maple and butter pecan.  For the best results be sure to use real maple syrup in this recipe.

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New Secret Recipe

Starbucks(™) Maple Pecan Latte
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3/4 cup strong coffee or one shot espresso
3/4 cup milk
1/2 shot maple syrup
1/2 shot butter pecan syrup
Whipped cream and sugar sprinkles for topping, optional

Brew coffee or espresso and pour into mug.

Add the maple syrup and butter pecan syrup and stir well.

Steam milk or microwave for about 45 seconds in the microwave.

Then pour milk into the mug.

Top with whipped cream and sugar sprinkles and serve.

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