Starbucks(tm) Vanilla Spice Latte

Today I have a secret recipe for a seasonal latte served at Starbucks.  Their vanilla spice latte combines espresso with a cardamom spiced vanilla syrup and fresh steamed milk.  Now you can easily drink this delicious beverage at home all year round.  The vanilla cardamom syrup keeps for a month in the refrigerator so you can enjoy it in all of your coffee’s and latte’s.

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New Secret Recipe

Starbucks(tm) Vanilla Spice Latte
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Vanilla Cardamom Syrup:

1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1/4 tsp ground cardamom plus a few smashed pods
1/2 tablespoon vanilla

For the Latte:

3-4 teaspoons Vanilla Cardamom syrup (or to taste)
1-2 shots espresso
1 cup hot frothed milk
Whipped cream, for topping
Vanilla Sugar, for topping

Make the syrup. In a saucepan bring the water, sugar and cardamom to a boil. I ground the cardamom as best as I could. In the end I also tossed a few sightly crushed pods in to infuse. Let boil for two minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla. Strain the mixture and pour into a sterilized jar. Keep refrigerated for up to one month.

Make the latte by pouring the espresso and syrup into a mug. Top with the hot frothed milk and foam. Add a swirl of whipped cream if desired and a sprinkle of vanilla sanding sugar. I didn’t have sanding sugar so I used some vanilla powdered sugar.

Source: Secret Recipe Forum
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