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  1. Kraft Shake'n Bake (Original)
  2. Outback Steakhouse Caesar Salad Dressing
  3. Tony Roma's Blue Ridge Smokies BBQ Sauce
  4. Arby's Bronco Berry Jalapeno Dipping Sauce
  5. Morning Banana Cake
  6. Cherry Coffeecake
  7. Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake
  8. Pumpkin Crunch Coffee Cake
  9. Kurbisapfelstreuselkuchen (Pumpkin Apple Streusel
  10. Graham Cracker Streusel Coffee Cake
  11. Pennsylvania Dutch Crumb Coffee Cake
  12. Lemon Coffee Cake
  13. Peach Fold - Over Coffee Cake
  14. Spicy Buttermilk Coffee Cake
  15. Apple Cranberry Cake
  16. Blueberry Sausage Breakfast Cake
  17. Cowboy Coffee Cake
  18. Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffee Cake
  19. Half-in, Half-out Coffee Cake
  20. Chocolate Passion Dessert
  21. Cranberry Swirl Salad
  22. Blueberry Breakfast Bundt Cake
  23. Cranberry-almond Sour Cream Muffins
  24. Peaches and Cream Coffee Cake
  25. Lamb's favorite green beans
  26. Sour Cream Breakfast Cake
  27. Banana Nutbread
  28. Apple Coffee Cake with Pecans
  29. Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake
  30. Cinnamon Sensation Coffee Cake
  31. Orange Coffee Cake
  32. Overnight Coffee Cake
  33. Raisin Buttermilk Coffee Cake
  34. Mom's Macaroni Salad
  35. Frothy cannellini bean soup
  36. Red Thai curry sauce
  37. Mediterranean tomato sauce
  38. Mayonnaise
  39. Pesto Sauce
  40. Blueberry Gateau
  41. Apple Pie Compote
  42. Spinach & Ham Crustless Pie
  43. Baked Cheese Wonton Cups
  44. Corned Beef Hash Pie
  45. Crab Imperial
  46. Seafood Cream Cheese Quiche
  47. Broccoli And Cheddar Noodle Soup
  48. Crescent Vegetable Pizza
  49. Walnut Honey Brownies
  50. Shrimp and cherry tomatoes with spaghetti
  51. Cold Peanut Sesame Noodles
  52. Swedish "Kålpudding"
  53. Panettone Bread for Bread Machine - Special Cycles Used
  54. Rangoons
  55. Outback bronzed chicken and corn cakes
  56. Cheeseburger in Paradise(R) BBQ Jerk Ribs
  57. Houston's Cous Cous
  58. Applebee's® Chocolate Mousse Dessert Shooter
  59. Denny’s Chicken Fried Steak
  60. Entenmanns Pound Cake
  61. Applebee's Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert Shooter
  62. Claim Jumper's Cheese Potato Cakes
  63. IHOP Swedish Pancakes
  64. Applebee's Almond Rice Pilaf®
  65. Marie Callenders's Pumpkin Pie
  66. Popeye’s Dirty Rice
  67. Starbucks Pumpkin Scone
  68. IHOP Pumpkin Pancakes
  69. Cheesecake Factory Pumpkin Pie
  70. IHOP® Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes
  71. Ihop Country Omelette®
  72. Applebee's Key Lime Pie Dessert Shooter®
  73. Radisson Inn Roasted Sicilian Pork Shoulder
  74. Rainforest Cafe Southwestern Ancho Chile Ribeye
  75. O'Charley's Beef Monterey
  76. Old Spaghetti Factory Original Clam Sauce
  77. Olive Garden Chicken Spiedies
  78. Shoney's Beef Cabbage Soup
  79. Red Lobster's Spicey Spring Shrimp Stir-Fry
  80. Red Lobster's Sole A La Meuniere
  81. Red Lobster's Shrimp Slaw Recipe
  82. Red Lobster's Shrimp Slaw
  83. Denny's Chicken Fajita Breakfast Skillet
  84. Denny's Bacon Caesar Burger
  85. Wendy's Baked Potato Toppings
  86. Taco Bell's Crispitos
  87. Breakfast Bread - Like Publix for Bread Machine
  88. Black Forest Pumpernickel Bread for Bread Machine
  89. Hot Dog Buns using Bread Machine Manual Dough Cycle
  90. Greek Olive Bread for Bread Machine
  91. Lemon Poppy-seed Loaf for Bread Machine
  92. Mexican Chocolate for Bread Machine
  93. Cinnamon Rolls using Bread Machine Manual Dough Cycle
  94. Sourdough French Bread using Bread Machine Manual Dough Cycle
  95. Citrus Rye Bread for Bread Machine
  96. Pita Bread using Bread Machine Manual Dough Cycle
  97. Classic Bread Sticks using Bread Machine Manual Dough Cycle
  98. Jalapeno Cheese Bread for Bread Machine
  99. Simple Simon's Birthday Bones (dog biscuits) for Dogs
  100. Tuna Tidbits Biscuits for Cats
  101. Irish Potato Brown Bread for Bread Machine
  102. KFC BBQ Baked Beans
  103. Jimmy Dean's Breakfast Sausage, Sage, Hot, Maple
  104. Coca Cola Blak Soda
  105. Kraft Miracle Whip from Regular Mayonnaise
  106. Coca Cola Classic Recipe
  107. Bbq chicken sliders
  108. Stir-fried chicken with cashews & peppers
  109. Nizakana (Fish)
  110. Kyuri-No-Sunomono and Sanbai-zu (Cucumber Salad with Vinegar Sauce)
  111. Chawan Mushi (Egg Custard Soup)
  112. Yasai-No-Kakiage (Vegetable tempura – deep-fried)
  113. Bread Dough - Cyprus recipes
  114. Koupepia (Stuffed Vine Leaves)
  115. Sheftalia (Barbecued sausages)
  116. Stuffed Lamb
  117. Briami (Roasted vegetables)
  118. Barbequed White Tuna
  119. Garfish Salad
  120. Sashimi the Croatian Way (Tuna on toasted bread)
  121. Buzara (Prawns from the Dalmatian Coast )
  122. Stuffed Calamari
  123. Lobster Barbequed with Rice in White Wine
  124. Coñejo Con Aceitunas (Rabbit with black and green olives)
  125. Empanadas Choclos
  126. Matambre (Red bark of beef)
  127. Asado (Beef Ribs on the Barbeque )
  128. Poh pia
  129. Tauhu goreng (Fried Beancurd or Tofu)
  130. Ikan goreng (Fried fish)
  131. Sambal Udang Kering (Dried prawn sambal)
  132. Chilli crabs
  133. Kangkong goreng (Fried water convolvulus)
  134. Hsuyn gi (Smoked chicken)
  135. Tien soan yu (Sweet and Sour Fish)
  136. Hai sun bal yu (Abalone and Sea Cucumber)
  137. Taiwan chao main (Taiwanese Special Fried Noodles )
  138. Chicken Garden Saute
  139. Dolly Parton Salad
  140. Butterscotch Crumb Squares
  141. Cheesecake Factory’s Avocado Eggrolls
  142. Pandan and coconut cupcakes
  143. Mussels in a white wine cream sauce
  144. Swedish Smorgasbord Limpa Rye Bread for Bread Machine
  145. Cardamom Bread for Bread Machine
  146. Bread Machine Banana Bread
  147. Mock Sour Dough Bread for Bread Machine
  148. Cranberry Orange Bread for Bread Machine
  149. Honey Cornmeal Bread for Bread Machine
  150. Rustic Brown Bread for Bread Machine
  151. Honey Wheat ’n Oat Bread for Bread Machine
  152. 100% Whole Wheat Bread for Bread Machine
  153. Sourdough Bread for Bread Machine with Starter
  154. Hali‘imaile General Store, Maui restaurant House Salad
  155. Curried Goat
  156. Jerk Pork
  157. Stamp and Go
  158. Rice and Peas
  159. Carciofi (Artichokes)
  160. Baba Ghannooj (Eggplant Dip)
  161. Samke Hara (Baked Fish with Tahini and Spicy Filling)
  162. Ghaame (Tripe Filled with Rice and Chick Peas)
  163. Ijjie (Marrow Omelettes)
  164. Instant Dhoklas (Steamed Savoury Cakes)
  165. Masala jingla (Stir-fry Chilli Prawns)
  166. Chicken Tikka
  167. Karhi (Hot Yoghurt Soup )
  168. Danish Herring
  169. Beetroot Soup
  170. Whole Baked Gefilte Fish
  171. Cheese Blintzes
  172. Tipsy Pheasant
  173. Bread and Butter Pudding
  174. Marmalade
  175. Kedgeree
  176. Casquinha de Siri (Stuffed Crab Shells)
  177. Feijoada Brasileira (Brazilian Black Bean Stew)
  178. Farofa (Roasted Cassava Flour)
  179. Chinese Broccoli
  180. Moqueca de Peixe (Fish Cooked in Coconut and Dende Oil)
  181. Red Velvet Brownies
  182. Easy and Delicious Turkey Breast
  183. Apple Crisp Parfaits
  184. Grilled Oriental Pork Chops
  185. Lucy;s lectrolyte drink
  186. Panda Express Hot and Sour Soup
  187. Panda Express Eggplant Tofu
  188. 72 Market Street Chili
  189. Chicken and Dumpling Soup
  190. Strawberry bread
  191. Butternut squash risotto
  192. Fried Rice with a Kick!
  193. Baked Mac and Cheese with a Twist
  194. Easy sautéed or pan-fried potatoes Recipe
  195. Red Beans and Cous Cous
  196. Apricot Scones
  197. Risotto Cakes
  198. Champagne Cream Sauce
  199. Wild Rice Casserole
  200. Mexican Rice
  201. Brazilian Rice
  202. Perfect Brown Rice Recipe
  203. Spaetzle - German Egg Dumplings Recipe
  204. Mammy's Sweet Potato Biscuits
  205. Butter Almond Kiss Cookies
  206. Potato Honey Balls
  207. Pumpkin Season is back again!
  208. My Favorite Spinach Soup
  209. Easy Cranberry Orange Chicken
  210. BLT & GuacamoleTortilla Wrap
  211. Italian BLT salad
  212. Chevys Mucho Mango Salsa
  213. Fusilli Puttanesca
  214. Chocolate Espresso Cookies
  215. Dishwasher Salmon
  216. Santa Fe shrimp, corn and black bean salad
  217. Greek pilaf
  218. Aunt Effie's custard Johnny cake
  219. Thai beef salad
  220. Tuscan bread
  221. Pork honey buns, Chinese-style
  222. Dangerously Red Strawberry Yogurt Breakfast Drink
  223. Debbi's Fields Nutty Mocha Cookies
  224. Slow Cooker Sensational Baked Beans
  225. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Mutha sauce
  226. Cherry-Delicious Barbeque Sauce
  227. Heavenly Icebox Banana Pudding
  228. Firecracker shrimp
  229. Peachy pecan apple crumble
  230. Pineapple and salt fish curry
  231. Antelope??
  232. Baked Ranch Rice
  233. Sausage Ravioli Bake
  234. Butterscotch-Oatmeal Crinkles
  235. Italian Bread Salad
  236. Fruit Loop Pop-Ems
  237. Angel Hair Pasta with Creamed Spinach and Feta
  238. Quick Work Recipes
  239. Fudge Brownie Pie
  240. Mediterranean Salad - Vintage Press restaurant
  241. Chicken in caramel sauce
  242. Smoked cheddar-jalapeno ranch meatloaf
  243. Spago's Chocolate-Almond Toffee
  244. ERIC'S STAFF LASAGNA - French Laundry Restaurant
  245. Texas Tortilla Soup
  246. Chevy's Portobello and Asparagus Fajitas
  247. Route 66 Maple Sugar Cookies
  248. Huevos Rancheros
  249. First Place Betty's Best Brownies
  250. Plankhouse Restaurant Crispy Artichoke Hearts