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July 27th, 2006, 01:47 AM
The first ebook for the Ebook of The Month Club is:

"Holistic Healing Secrets: What Doctors Don't Want You to Know"

Warning: This controversial book may challenge some of your beliefs about our medical system and open yours eyes to some shocking facts about modern medical practices.

It contains a very frank interview with a Holistic Practitioner from Africa.

It usually priced at $47, but with our group discount you can get it for just $10.

Go to:

Please share your thoughts in this post after reading it.



Kitchen Witch
July 27th, 2006, 08:45 AM
Ron -

Thank you for selecting this e-book (Holistic Healing Secrets). I have already read the first half and I cannot wait to read the rest of it!

Doctors/insurance companies do not tell you everything - nor do they tell you the real truth. If we were to practice holistic healing the pharmaceutical companies would not make money. It's sad that as a society we are led to believe that pills will "cure" anything. Pills can make you sicker; they also destroy healthy organs and tissue.

My doctors are pill-pushers. And they try to come up with combinations that take care of what each one does to the body. And if one adds another medication - another wants to double the dosage of another. If I were to take what they want me to take my insides would be shot. Sad part - at least six of the meds they want me to take are listed with attorneys who will fight your case because of what they do to your body.......if you live long enough to fight a case.

I know they are "other" ways for a body to heal. The human body was created to heal itself - we just need to learn the "connection" to make it so. I believe in meditation and relaxation. The past couple years I have been looking into what is in this e-book.

Thank you for this choice! I know others would find this book very helpful!

Kitchen Witch

July 27th, 2006, 08:10 PM
I agree we are Buffaloed by insurance companies and doctors. However, this man has been proven to be a fake. It has been proven he is a scammer. I have a diabetic Grandson. In order to get Kevin T.'s help with his disease, you have to spend a fortune to join his information line, or buy some news letter. . If he really wanted to help people, he would graciously give you the information. Check him out He was exposed on one of the show's such as 20/20 or Dateline.:cry:

July 27th, 2006, 09:03 PM
I've researched alternative methods of healing for several years and am currently enrolled in a ND program. I do believe that conventional medical intervention may be required occasionally, I KNOW that God put everything on this earth that we need to stay healthy.

July 27th, 2006, 09:05 PM
Ron,I just purchased this book which I know will be great ,but unfortunately,nothing came up onscreen telling me that I could download it or where I could download it.All I got was the printable verification of purchase.I don't have any idea how to solve this problem.Christine.

July 27th, 2006, 11:16 PM
Ron,I just purchased this book which I know will be great ,but unfortunately,nothing came up onscreen telling me that I could download it or where I could download it.All I got was the printable verification of purchase.I don't have any idea how to solve this problem.Christine.

Please email our customer support dept - support AT

July 27th, 2006, 11:38 PM
One of the purposes of the Ebook of the Month Club is to open your eyes to different things and provide a platform for healthy debate.

The subject will change each time - so keep your eye out because you never know what to it will be next.

The price will also vary depending on the ebook. Sometimes I may even make it free to customers who've participated in the past.

As with anything, some people will find it valuable and others will not. If you like it great, if not - you can get back your money by emailing our customer support dept.

Refund requests posted here will be deleted because they don't add any value to the conversation.

Kitchen Witch
July 28th, 2006, 07:22 AM
Judles -

It's a shame that those who can really help people do that. Just like that one jerk on the infomercials - send for his book and get all this information regarding your health and ridding yourself of every ailment and disease. What he doesn't tell you - you get the book with all the "fluff" of what your results will be - BUT - you need to join his website (for a fee) and pay even more money and God only knows when he will feel like giving you the information you want - if you will ever get it in its entirety. You can email and complain for the rest of your life - and no response. In my opinion those people should be tarred and feathered in public for all to see. Although I could think of other things to do to them - I will presently print "tarred and feathered" out of politeness and respect for others on this site!

But remember - although cons like them are out there (meaning the money hungry ones) - the information is helpful and it does open your mind to non-traditional healing. To me - that is important. At least when you are first introduced to different concepts you have the option of digging deeper and finding more information from many areas regarding what you would like to learn more about. I really don't think that one book will do the trick.

For instance - say you have heard about acupuncture and you wanted to know more because deep down inside you really feel that it would help you. Reading and learning more about it from other sources would open your mind more, give you more information. Just like annparris stated that she has "researched alternative methods of healing for several years".

Although it is frustrating and time consuming - I feel that a person should not give up when it comes to trying to help themselves or trying to help others. The answer is out there.

I believe in a "Higher Power", "God Consciousness", or whatever you would like to call it. Yes - I am a believer - I believe in God - I believe in miracles - and I believe in the saying that "God helps those who help themselves." But in no way am I try to push religion or any of my religious beliefs on anyone.

Doctors are here to help us (to a degree - give them a finger and they will take your arm!) and traditional medicine is a must at times (I would never tell anyone not to take much-needed medications and I feel that any alternative medical help should be discussed with your doctor!) but I do believe in alternative healing as well.

There will always be those that are for/against certain writers, doctors, alternative-medicine doctors, methods, etc., and there will always be quacks on both sides - but through research and with the stick-to-it-iveness attitude - much can be accomplished.

Judles - you did tell us that your grandson has diabetes - maybe there is someone here on the site that is going through the same thing with a family member or acquaintance that is also seeking help through alternative medicine. If so - what have they tried/learned/read/etc. and would you be willing to share this information with us? Any other books someone else has read on the subject? Any other ideas/thoughts on this??

It's very nice to see/read/hear everyone's opinions on this!

Okay - I'm off the soapbox - LOL!!!

Charlotte Groth
August 1st, 2006, 09:47 PM
I got the book; have read it. I was a little disappointed that it speaks mostly in generalities; not much real information, HOWEVER..

..and this might be worth something.

There's a portion in there that talks about how the tongue is actually connected directly to the brain. I've been trying fervently to lose weight lately without much luck at all. I don't remember the last time I had so much trouble with because it seemed plausible--for the fun of it--I changed not so much what I eat, but the way I eat. Something my grandmother echoed decades ago--eat slowly; take small bites; chew each at least 20 times; put your fork down between bites. Wait ten seconds before taking another bite.

I had a friend years ago that always ate this way. She was ridiculously slender. Still is. She told me once--when she wants to lose a couple of pounds--she just slows down a little more.

I can't believe the difference. It isn't in the stomach after all--its in the tongue.

Whodda thought!

August 2nd, 2006, 06:33 PM
Well, at least you got something valuable from the ebook.

As with anything else, I've gotten mixed reviews. Some people really enjoyed it and said it has open their eyes to new methods they weren't aware of.

As a habitual fast eater, I always suspected that eating slower would make a difference. I think my grandmother told me that also. However, it's easier said than done - for me at least.

Maybe if I eat slower I can remain on my seafood diet (I see food and I have to eat it) :) .

Kitchen Witch
August 2nd, 2006, 07:16 PM
This book is an eye-opener - it does give you things to think about! Sure - it may seem a bit "general" - many books are, but the information does help.

It gives us the chance to seek one or more types of holistic healing. And remember - if one doesn't work - the next one just might.

Also - part of healing is having faith and believing. Think positive!

Eating slowly.............generations have been told to eat slowly. I think all our grandmothers reminded us of that constantly. In our house - we ate slow. I think it was because our table was always the family "meeting place".

We discussed many things while enjoying meals. It was our "family time" with no one answering the phone - it was OUR time as a family - no one was to interrupt us. It would not have done you any good to eat fast - you still had to sit there until everyone was done! We shared everything at the table. Our kitchen has always been the heart of our home - our refuge. Many memories in the kitchen.

Today it is more difficult - if the phone isn't ringing - the cell phone is. We have crammed so many activities into our lives that we forgot how to live. We think that TOMORROW we will slow down a bit. Actually - time is passing by us all so fast - and stop and take a look at what you are missing. How much time have you been giving to your family and how much time have they been giving you?

Rememer the song by Cat Stevens - "The Cat's is the Cradle". Think about the words - the father, although he loved his son, was always too busy and preoccupied to spend the time with his son, and when he finally realized it, his son had grown and was just as his father was - too busy for the moment and to spend time with his dad.

That is what our lives have become.

Eat slower - not only will you feel better - but you will leave many wonderful memories with those you share your meals with. Stay at the table a little longer. It doesn't mean you have to eat that whole time - enjoy the time with family and friends!

And when you are enjoying sharing conversation - you eat slower automatically.

Charlotte Groth
August 4th, 2006, 12:02 PM
Eating slowly.............generations have been told to eat slowly. I think all our grandmothers reminded us of that constantly. In our house - we ate slow. I think it was because our table was always the family "meeting place".

I've been focusing on this the last few days: choose healthy foods (which has pretty much always been my habit), and eat slower. Four pounds have disappeared since I originally responded to this thread.

I had an odd experience regarding this. We went to lunch with my in-laws last Sunday--to a Chinese place. They ordered these fried eggrolls that really did look good. I took one bite; ate it slowly; swallowed--and immediately got a flash stomach ache! The idea of taking another bite..was abhorant. My system practically screamed--even though it tasted good--don't eat that!

It occured to me slowing down--even a little--you're not as likely to go ahead and swallow something that isn't pleasant. Several small bites instead of a couple of big ones--feels're left with a mountain of the stuff.

I don't put my fork down, like my grandmother did, but--I'm finding that eating quickly is the same as eating slowly in the sense that--they're both almost unconscious habits--and both are learned. In other words, you can reverse it--without too much effort.

The big surprise is..I feel SO much better.

Kitchen Witch
August 4th, 2006, 12:28 PM

There is such a difference between eating slowly and savoring every bite versus trying to jam everything in your mouth at once and getting indigestion!

You have just proved that eating slowly is beneficial. I have always gotten teased because I am a slow eater - but I have never needed Tums, Alka-Seltzer, Rolaids, etc. I don't suffer from indigestion and heart burn like so many of my friends.

And the fact that you are being quite selective and trying very hard to stick to heathy foods - you will be on the best and easiest diet ever to lose the weight you want!

Your body didn't want or need that fried eggroll and it told you so immediately. If only we would listen to our bodies more - we would be much healthier!