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Kitchen Witch
September 4th, 2006, 01:09 PM
(From the Heart Assoc.)

For 1 cup oil - substitute 1 cups margarine 1 tablespoon oil, use 1 tablespoon margarine.

Or: 1 cup margarine, use cup oil 1 tablespoon margarine equals tablespoon oil.

September 4th, 2006, 03:22 PM
Hey K>W>
How are you doinf today? This isn't really a reply, but a serious recipe problem. I would love to post some of my recipes, but aside from the fact that I'm not sure how, and that in itself is a big fact. My own recipes go so:confused: :confused: mething like this, I think I'll throw a few of these in with a shake or two of that (taste) well maybe four shakes of that . Also since my husband doesn't THINK he likes onions but if I omit them he says "that just didn't taste right, did you try a new recipe?" I cut them very small,minced practically and alwayssweat them out for abit before adding despite what any recipe says. There are a number of ingredients he doesn't THINK he likes, he does. Anyway I pretty much memorize what i put into any of my own concoctions I also go by the look, smell , taste of whatever I'm cooking. I have no clue as how to parlay this into actual amounts or steps . I really always have cooked much like Rachel Ray, I would love to know how she does it. Any suggestions?
I'll check in later , hoping to hear from you. Thank you
Margo recipecollector

Kitchen Witch
September 4th, 2006, 04:41 PM
Hello Margo -

Other than complaining about the rotten weather - I'm doing ok! How are you? I know what kind of a cook you are - by look, feel and taste. Nothing wrong with that.

One or my favorite cookbooks is from Tuscany. It lists the title of the recipe and all the ingredients - and not one measurement! And it is my favorite. I can tell automatically how much of what to put in - never had a problem with it. It doesn't even give the cook times - cook till done; bake till done, etc.

I am quite sure that there are many of us that don't measure for many of the dishes we make. Take a look at today's post in What's for Dinner......I couldn't give you the measurements of anything I made. Even the pie. White bowl, flour looks good up to here, shake the salt in my hand - yep - looks good - add it; grab the lard out of the fridge - dollop that one - that'll do - and milk - feels good! More than half was rolled and placed in a baking dish - not a pie plate - cut a mixture of apples - that looks good; sprinkled with lemon, sugar and cinnamon; toss lightly - yep - looking fine - poured into bottom crust; rolled top crust, crimped edges; poured milk on top and spread with my fingers, slit top - 350* for 75 minutes. Well - actual time was 72.5 minutes. LOL

If you look at recipes in that thread you will find others with no measurements!

Did it turn out - heck yeah!!! Crust was so flaky, apples just right - not runny or hollow inside, picture perfect - until we cut it! Now it looks like a well enjoyed pie! LOL

There was no way I could use a regular double crust recipe for this one! I like the taste of the flaky crust! I'm not fond of thin pie crust - that's how it is in my family. So it was by feel and look.......taste just happened to come along and it was mighty good.

Feel free to post your recipes - don't forget - all recipes were made to be tweaked. Some like more pepper than others, some like onions, some omit them, some add Worcestershire sauce, others add soy sauce, substitutions and amounts are allowed - so don't worry about it. I think you know what I mean.

If I measured everything I would go nuts! That's what hands, fingers, eyes and taste buds were made for. I can measure without the doo-dads - if I am off a tad - it sure hasn't made a difference in anything I made! Don't be afraid to post - for instance: salt, pepper, parsley to taste, or cayenne pepper to taste, etc., or onions/mushrooms if desired.

So please feel free to share with us! Measurements don't bother me none and there are probably many others who cook without measuring most of the time!


Kitchen Witch
September 4th, 2006, 04:46 PM
BTW - You should see my recipe collection - I have tons of recipes with no measurement or instructions - and they are good ones - turn out every time! And I have books and books and books loaded with them written that way. I wouldn't trade those in for anything - they are my favorites.