Hello Im new to the forums and hope to learn alot from this site. I have one question, and i hope somebody can help me out. Thanks

There is a chinese takeaway a few miles from me (so i cant travel to them very often) who make great salt & pepper/salt & chilli chips. Id love to be able to make my own for when im not able to travel to where they are located. I have watched them cook them and id appreciate any help.

This is what i observed; he cooked them normally and then put them in a wok for around 1-2 minutes. Whilst they were in the wok he drenched them with liquid (i assumed at the time it was oil, but it was orange so im not sure) and before he took them out he poured another liquid onto them (it looked like vinegar but i cant taste anything like that on the chips) the powdered black pepper sticks to the chips once they are cooked if this helps determine what the substances used were. Basically, id like to know what the liquids are if anybody has any idea. Thanks