I recently just found out about this amazing website and as a food lover and advocate of good healthy affordable food I am very pleased to have purchased Ron's book's. However I just realized that this isn't 'technically' his Americas most wanted recipes book instead it is Americas Restaraunt Recipes V1&2 and I am just a little bit confused.

Are these books essentially the same thing? Is there a difference? Am I missing any recipes with V1&2 as opposed to 'Americas Most Wanted Recipes'

P.S. I can't wait for these books to get here where I live in the frigid north up here in Canada Can't wait to be frying up warm KFC style chicken on cold winter nights. I am buying this as a christmas gift for my mother but it really is a gift for everyone in my family as we will all get to enjoy these great recipes.

EDIT: Also sorry if this is the wrong thread to be posting this, if it is then could a mod please move it! Thanks.