Healthy Fast Food Choices
By Sabrina Rogers, Nutrition Correspondent

In my last article, I addressed some of the Worst Fast Food Choices on the market. But I wasn't going to leave you hanging like that; of course you'll be able to set foot in McDonald's or Burger King again without having an instant heart attack.
In fact, most fast food chains have added healthier options to their menus in the past couple of years. No, I'm not talking only about bland salads without dressing; you'll see that there are many juicy, tasty items to choose from.
Before I get into specifics, though, there are a few basic rules you should keep in mind when trying to pick healthy fast foods. Remember that good options include:
? The smallest size of burger
? Grilled chicken sandwiches or salads
? Low-fat dressings and sauces (or none at all)
? Diet soft drinks or water

A few things to avoid:

? Super sizes of anything
? Fried or breaded chicken or fish
? Chicken nuggets
? High-fat sauces and dressings
? Onion rings
? Extra cheese

That said, here is the lowdown on the best fast food choices. Although burgers are never a very healthy option, I know guys need that burger fix every so often, so I tried to provide you with the best possible options. But in exchange, I did stick you with a few salads. Try one; you'll be surprised how tasty and satisfying some of them are. Finally, keep in mind that if you must have side orders like fries with your meal, choose the smallest size possible, or try a plain baked potato or vegetables instead.
Note: When necessary, modifications are specified; otherwise, the nutrition information is for the item as prepared by the restaurant.

Order Calories Fat (saturated fat) Carbs Protein Sodium
McDonald's Chicken McGrill (no mayo) 305 4.5g (1g) 37g 27g 940mg
Subway 6" Roast Beef Sub (on whole wheat bread with veggies, no sauce) 290 5g (2g) 45g 19g 920mg
Wendy's Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich 360 7g (1.5g) 44g 31g 1,100mg
Carl's Jr. Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich 367 4g (1g) 48g 35g 1,072mg


Order Calories Fat (saturated fat) Carbs Protein Sodium
Burger King Original Whopper Jr. (no mayo) 310 13g (5g) 31g 17g 510mg
McDonald's Hamburger 260 9g (3.5g) 33g 13g 530mg
Wendy's Jr. Hamburger 280 9g (3.5g) 34g 15g 600mg