Surefire Ways to Curb Your Sugar Craving

Food cravings, especially those focused on sugar, are a dieter's dilemma.
You might get shaky because you're not eating enough and the consequent dip in your blood sugar level causes you to crave something with sugar in it. Your brain tells your body: Gimme sugar and fast! So you gobble down a candy bar and get quick surge of energy. It won't last.
If you just can't resist that afternoon candy bar, here are some effective ways to beat that craving, according to tips from Cosmopolitan and Prevention magazines.
Try to crack the sugar craving naturally by totally banning sugar from your diet for several days. Be forewarned this isn't easy. You might even experience a kind of withdrawal, including headaches.
Is a sugar craving a sign of imbalance? Traditional Chinese medicine says so and recommends rectifying it with bitter foods, such as arugula, radicchio, endive or chicory. Eat one to two servings a day.
Eat small meals every three to four hours throughout the day. Menu ideas include a whole wheat sandwich with some kind of protein filling, fruit, vegetables or nuts.
Fruit can help you overcome a sugar craving, but it has to be the right kind. Choose berries, apples and pears and avoid pineapple and watermelon.
Do not consume any refined foods, including white bread, cake and biscuits.
Drink about two liters of water throughout the day. Did you know that coffee, tea and energy drinks can actually trigger sugar cravings?
An essential mineral you need to stabilize your blood sugar level is a trace element called chromium that is found in baked beans, peanut butter, shell fish and whole grains.
If you think the craving is caused by boredom, try brushing your teeth. The clean taste in your mouth will make you less likely to eat.
When you eat, turn on the lights and turn off the TV. You'll eat less.