WW Fresh Corn Salad

4 cups barley, cooked
1 cup frozen corn, thawed
1 cup green onion, sliced
½ cup red bell pepper, chopped
½ cup green bell pepper, chopped
½ lime peel, grated
2 Tbs lime juice
½ cup balsamic vinegar
3 Tbs vegetable oil
1 ½ tsp dill weed
½ tsp salt


1.Prepare barley according to package directions. Let cool.
2. Combine barley, corn, onion and peppers together in a large bowl.
3. To prepare dressing combine lime peel, juice, vinegar, oil, salt and dill in a small bowl. Whisk to blend.
3. Pour dressing over corn mixture. Toss well.
4. Cover and refrigerate.

Yield: 12 servings
3 POINTS per serving