Chipotle Mexican Grill Carnitas Burrito

Large flour tortilla (at least 12 inches)
One heaping spoon full of Cilantro Lime Rice (a little over half a cup)
One heaping spoon full of Organic black beans (about a half cup)
Naturally raised Carnitas (about a quarter of a pound)
Roasted-Chili Corn Salsa (to taste)
Mild Tomato Salsa (to taste)
Sprinkle of Cheese (to taste)

You may interchange rice, meat, bean, cheese, and salsa types to suit your

1.Heat tortilla until it is soft so it does not break.

2.Imagine a square that just fits inside the tortilla. As you face the
imaginary square on the tortilla the top will be the furthest away from you.

3.Start by placing the rice in a line about an inch wide and the full length
of the square about one-third of the way down from the top of the square.

4.Add the beans, Carnitas and guacamole in the same way below the rice in
the imaginary square. The rice will act as a wall to keep all the tasty
juices from flowing out as you roll the burrito.

5.Add your toppings of choice such as salsa, cheese, and sour cream by
sprinkling them over the items you have lined up in the square. This will
ensure each bite has a little of each ingredient.

6.Lift the bottom or the part of the tortilla closest to you and fold it
over all of the ingredients until it is almost even with the top of the

7.Pull back top side of the tortilla dragging all of the ingredients until
it is tight. This will compact all ingredients so they will not fall out as
you eat the burrito.

8.Place your hands under the two sides of the tortilla and fold in each end,
but be careful not to push all the ingredients our the top of the fold.

9.Roll the pocket holding all of the ingredients forward as tight as
possible to seal all ingredients in. Tuck in the two ends of the tortilla as
needed as you roll the burrito forward to create a cylindrical shape.

Source: Chipotle Mexican Grill