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Five Guys Fries And Five Guys Cajun Fries

When it comes to making a Boardwalk style fry, the creators of Five Guys burgers and fries have doing it as well as anybody, including the folks that actually do it on the Boardwalk, since 1986. What is a Boardwalk style fry?

These fries have some characteristics that help them stand apart from typical fast-food offerings; first, they are made using 100% pure peanut oil, which gives them a very distinct flavor that cannot be achieved using any other cooking oil. Before you start to panic about peanut allergies, just know that highly refined peanut oil has had the allergy causing proteins removed. Of course, always check that any peanut oil you would use falls into this category before you proceed with the cooking process.

Boardwalk fries, at least the ones being served up at any local Five Guys location, are not served ‘crispy.’ I know, this flies directly in the face of what people have come to expect with restaurant fries, considering that most of us were practically raised on McDonald’s fries. Crispy does not necessarily mean flavorful, so suspend your disbelief for a moment. Five Guys fries are cooked until they are firm to the touch on the outside, with a baked potato-like consistency on the inside. They may come out of the deep fryer with a crispness to them, but they won’t stay that way for long.

Once they hit the fry dump station, they are lightly dusted with salt, and then Cajun spices can be added for flavor and spice, but the heat won’t kill you. The Cajun spice blend used to make Five Guys Cajun fries is a rather mild and mainstream selection, and right now I believe they are using a product from McCormick, but purveyors may change with the times. Cajun spice mix is rather pricey, so be sure they add as much as they are supposed to, which is quite a bit. The Cajun fries at Five Guys are spicy, but you can also order them with light seasoning, or even with the Cajun seasoning on the side, it’s up to you.

If you want to know how to make Five Guys fries at home, then you’ll need to have some very basic equipment and ingredients. A deep fryer and a potato cutter will be needed for prep. These gadgets can be purchased rather cheaply at Amazon, but take care to purchase quality over low price, as this is important for the longevity of the gadgets.

Next, you’ll need 100% peanut oil, sea salt, and Russet potatoes from either Idaho or Washington State. There are no other potatoes that will give you the Boardwalk feel like Russet potatoes will, and they are so damn cheap, why would you pay more for an inferior potato?

Cut the potatoes with your cutter, and then soak them in ice-cold water until the water runs completely clear. This will wash away all the excess starches that could lead to soggy, limp fries. You will have to drain the sink a few times to achieve this, but if you skip this step you will be disappointed with the fries, I guarantee it!

Set the fryer temperature to 345-350 degrees. Once your fries have been soaked to perfection for at least 15 minutes, then you can drop a basket of them in the oil, and fry them until they just start to turn from translucent color to a VERY light brown. You can lightly squish one of the fries to see if it passes the ‘smush test,’ which means that this stage of the frying is complete. Yes, there are two stages involved with cooking a Five Guys fry.

Once the fries have rested for at least 5-10 minutes, and no more than a few hours, you can then fry them to your desired done-ness. You can go by the color of the fry, but Russet potatoes can be funny to work with in this way, as color doesn’t always give the best indication of done-ness. Instead, I recommend checking to see if the fries are floating at the top of the oil, as this will usually mean that they have reached a level of done-ness that you can be happy with. Also, it’s important to note that you need to occasionally shake the fries a bit to ensure that they don’t stick together, but soaking the fries helps to eliminate that worry.

-Five Guys Cajun fries are spicy, but they won’t set your mouth ablaze
-Five Guys fries are a Boardwalk style fry, so don’t ask them to make you a ‘crispy’ fry!
-Ingredients for homemade fries: deep fryer, potato cutter, 100% peanut oil, Russet potatoes, sea salt, prep time and patience.

If you follow these basic instructions, then you can be serving Five Guys Cajun fries, or regular Boardwalk style fries, in your home that will make you the envy of your family, friends, and the entire freakin’ neighborhood…! Mmmmm!

Five Guys uses peanut oil for their french fries

and the "sauce" for their fries is a combination of mayo, ketchup, mustard and a little hot sauce