Hi everyone,

I want to share with you a recipe I found on Cakes and Recipes | Proven, richly illustrated cake recipes from a professional confectioner!, a site which pubishes really professional cake recipes, from Europe:

Black Forest cherry cake (Germany)


We make a chocolate round-shaped sponge cake using 7 eggs. (There are recipes in which also almonds and cornstarch are added.)

Whip 1 litre chilled heavy cream and add 100 gram confectioners sugar and 10 gram cream stabilisator.

Cut the cooled sponge cake into three layers and pour cherry liquer over them. Instead of liquer you can also use brandy or cognac. Fill the layers with whipped cream and drop 150 gram canned sour cherry over cream in each layer.

Cover the sides and top of cake with whipped cream and decorate its side with cream-roses. Sprinkle chocolate curls on the top of cake and put the most beautiful drained sour cherries on the cream-roses.

* 1 chocolate round-shaped sponge cake
* 1 litre cream, heavy, whipped
* 100 gram confectioners sugar
* 400 gram sour cherry (canned, drained)
* 50 gram chocolate (semisweet)
* 10 gram cream stabilisator