What's on your menu for the holiday this year?

Anyone doing the all-day true BBQ??? Or are you just grilling? What are some of the sides you will be making?

Share your holiday plans here -

This year will be much quieter for us - so there's not a lot for me to do.

Friday is a no-meat day - and it is the holiday - but that is fine - we have the whole weekend menu planned -

Friday I'll make a large bowl of macaroni salad - enough for Friday and Saturday. Tuna panini sound good for lunch and for dinner lemon pepper haddock, baked potato wedges, coleslaw - nothing fancy and the macaroni salad is there if you want it.

Saturday will be the hot dog/hamburgers on the grill day; macaroni salad, baked beans, stuffed eggs, relish tray and bread salad.

Sunday will be the grilled pork riblets on the grill, antipasto and marinated cheese salad.

I'll put together some easy no-bake desserts - red, white and blue parfaits, ice cream cake, fruit bowls.

Have you planned your menu yet?