"Your recipes worked great for me - and I can't even cook..."

Tonight I made *Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits, pg 80 from the book. WOW!!! They were a BIG HIT!!! My husband said "you done good". Thanks Ron for the book.

"Thank you for helping me to realize I love cooking..."


"Well worth the money. I've used several of these recipe secrets in other dishes I make..."


"My brother in law said that until now, he thought no one could make chicken that good except KFC..."


"I think your cookbook will put these restaurants out of business if everyone starts following your instructions and cook from home!..."


"Ron, these recipes are fantastic.."


"I was a little skeptical at first, but to my delight - these recipes really work..."


"Wow - tastes just like the restaurants..."


"Discover The Secret Recipes For Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes and Learn How to Easily Make Them Yourself"


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Take a peak inside the hidden cookbooks of famous restaurants including:  Red Lobster, The Cheesecake Factory, The Olive Garden, Hard Rock Cafe, PF Chang, IHOP, The Soup Nazi, TGI Friday and many more!




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