2-day diet - from 1967

This diet was printed back in 1967. It is a 2-day diet - and you can only stay on it for 2 days.

If you stick to this diet as written for the 2 days - you can lose 5 to 6 pounds.

The meals for this diet are the same for both days.


You MUST only eat/drink what is on this for it to work.

1 soft or hard boiled egg
1 cup coffe or tea - black with NO sweetener

2 hard-boiled eggs
1 cup coffee or tea - black with NO sweetener

1 4-ounce all beef pattie, BROILED
served on 1 leaf of lettuce - NO seasonings
1 cup of coffee or tea - black with NO sweetener

You must also drink a glass of water when you wake up (before breakfast), another between breakfast and lunch, another before lunch, another between lunch and dinner, another before dinner, another within an hour or two after dinner and one more before bed. Put nothing in your water.

I have done this - and it is not that bad.

The first time I lost 6 1/2 lbs. and I did it the following month and lost another 5 1/2 lbs.

Sounds good but… did the weight you lost stay off ? Or come back on when you returned to your normal eating habits?

Thank you

MamaLV - this is a great start to a diet. A sensible one that is. It will knock off 5 to 6 lbs in the two days and if you continue on a sensible diet - preferably one that is lower in calories but with plenty of fruits, veggies, fish and meats without all the sugars, startches, etc. the weight does stay off.

Doing this once each month and sensible eating the remaining of the month - and the weight stays off.

It depends on what you call “normal” eating habits. Sensible eating habits and it will stay off. Can we compromise and use the word sensible instead? One of my dearest friends consumes well over 5,000 calories each day - so I would not recommend it for her to try - it would do her no good at all. She is a great person - but food is her friend. All her friends can do is pray for her. But that “normal” for her.

Give it a try - it’s only for 2 days and see how it works for you. Good luck.

any other meal for dinner beside beef pattie? thanks.

lena5678 - although the diet specifically says a 4-oz. lean beef patty - broiled - I think 4 oz. piece of plain fish (nothing on it - possibly a squeeze of fresh lemon juice) or a 4-oz. piece of lean beef or a 4-oz. skinless, boneless chicken breast (not frozen - it would have to be fresh because of all the junk solution they inject in frozen breasts) would work. If you want you can boil the chicken breast. But remember - no herbs, salt or pepper. Let us know if you substitute and how it worked - it would be nice to know.


I do not drink tea or coffee. do you suppose tomato or V-8 juice would work?

sorry dlarsen - you would have to drink water - plain water - but I don’t think a slice of fresh lemon or lime would hurt

part of the reason this works so well is the fact that there are no preservatives, seasonings, artificial flavorings, etc.

it’s low carb (of course) - but only for 2 days so it will not effect your ketones like the Adkins diet

I’ve done it with just water - I don’t drink coffee but I do drink tea - and the flavored waters of today - you cannot drink on this for the 2 days - no club soda or anything - no carbonation

I think i need to have more on breakfast. :frowning:

why boiled eggs? does it matter if they’re scrambled as long as you don’t use pam or butter on the pan? or better yet, is there anything you can substitute for the eggs?

This works as stated - whether it is a “chemical” thing I don’t know. If you want to start substituting just go on the Atkins Diet. The 2-Day Diet is a protein diet - meant for only 2 days - it’s up to you. Everyone I know that went on the Atkin’s Diet lost weight, gained it back quite easily with extra added on and eventually couldn’t lose any weight after that. The Atkins Diet does something that messes up a lot of people. This 2-Day diet doesn’t.

Kitchen Witch, I’ve started this diet this morning so i’ll let you know how it goes!
I’d love to know where you found this diet or did you write it yourself? It clearly would be enough to induce ketosis as it involves consuming less than 20g of carbs. Are you a low-carber yourself? I need all the help and info i can get!

Many thanks

twantooq - Please let me know how it works for you. It’s just for the two days - and it is quite strict - but if you can “suffer” through these two days you can lose up to 7 pounds. Also, if you want to “continue” with this is the next step of it -

breakfast would be 3/4 c. high fiber cereal with 1/2 c. fat-free milk, one soft boiled egg (no salt - but a little pepper would be ok) and a piece of fresh fruit

lunch would consist of a large salad of greens, tomatoes, radishes, peppers, drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil - Mrs. Dash’s salt-free something-or-other (your choice) is allowed, either broiled or baked fish or chicken - no skin, no breading - squeeze on the lemon juice and you can use lemon pepper seasoning and a piece of fresh fruit

dinner consists of another large salad of greens, adding wax and green beans to your salad as above - chicken or a very lean 4 oz. piece of beef - broiled or baked - using very very little salt, pepper, garlic, parsley or Mrs. Dash’s whatever - and a piece of fresh fruit

continue to drink water during the day - with lemon, lime or orange slices, as well as decaf tea and coffee - once again - no artificial sweeteners or sugar or honey

and you need 3 snacks each day - 3 almonds and 3 olives is one of them, 6 walnuts is the next snack, and a banana is the 3rd snack

you also need to drink at least 2 glasses of fat-free milk each day

this needs to be follwed for the next 5 days - and if you can do it for an additional week after this - you can lose close to 20 pounds or more (all depending on your weight)

you also need to walk each day - slow and easy - not power walking - and do deep breathing and stretching

that’s it!

you can repeat this diet (if you do it this month) again in August - basically every other month is the best way to do this - it will give you a chance to eat healthy for 6 weeks without really starving yourself or missing out on some of your favorites -

during the 6 weeks period you can still eat pastas, a slice of cake or pie, enjoy a meal out, etc. - but it’s up to you to watch what you consume and continue walking -

and during that 6 week period you can still lose at least 5 pounds

then you can get strict again and start all over

I hope this helps

Holler if you have questions


Thank you for posting this, KW. I understand that water / beverages must be plain. This may seem like a stupid question, but when you say to drink a glass of water before breakfast, between breakfast & lunch, etc. etc. Are there limitations on the amount of water one may drink in any one day? This may seem odd, but limiting myself to just 5 glasses would be deprivation and I am wondering if additional water (plain, of course) would be off limits? Thank you so much for your help and for being a constant source of such good information.:confused:

That is NOT a silly question at all - as a matter of fact - back then - water wasn’t sold in bottles and wasn’t consumed as much as it is today. Adding water to this will definitely help. It won’t hurt at all.

And you can also add a wedge of lemon to it - it won’t hurt at all.

Another thing - plain, broiled fish can be substituted for a beef patty if you are doing this on a non-meat day (we don’t eat meat on Fridays) as long as it is 4 oz. of plain fsh with no breading - and you can sneak a lemon slice on it.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, KW!! Am going to try to gear self up and give this one a go. (Too much cold weather & too many good recipes to sample! :wink: ) Oh, and back in '67 we had a well and the water was always cold and deeeee-licious! Drank a lot back then, too! :grin: And also many thanks for info about the fish.

You’re very welcomed! It’s been a rough winter for us - I can’t wait till spring to get out and walk again - I’m too old for climbing snowbanks and I’m not into slipping and sliding like the kids do.

I’ve done many similar diets to this. It really does help shed a few pounds rather quickly. Like others have said, as long as you maintain a sensible diet afterward the weight will stay off.

The only changes I’d make to this diet is to replace the lunch with something different. Eggs twice a day just isn’t my cup of tea. Two packages of unsweetened regular oatmeal would be a good choice. You could also replace it with a light protein shake and some carrots. That’s always been a favorite of mine when doing these types of diets. Also, if you can go without the coffee or tea that would be better.

As for the dinner I would personally go with the beef as mentioned. Chicken, turkey, or fish would also work just fine. Just be sure to broil with no salt or oil.

Thanks KW for all your info. I’ve read a lot of your posts and you really put out some good stuff. I’m going to try your crockpot cheeseburger recipe here soon!

Thank you and I’m glad you enjoy the recipes.

As far as this diet goes - you won’t lose the amount of weight you want by substituting anything.

A friend of mine does the oatmeal - totally plain for breakfast with black tea. Lunch she does the eggs, and dinner is either 4 oz.beef, fish or chicken - broiled. those are her substitutions for this diet.
Still no salt, not sweeteners, etc. for the 2 days.

Yeah you sure do have a ton of good recipes. I look forward to trying some of them out.

The no salt and sweeteners is a good point. A lot of people worry about fats, but these are the real killers.

hey im wondering for the 2 day diet you dont have to drink coffee or tea, right?

also you posted something you could do after the 2 day diet how long can you do that for? is it only 5 days or 7 days?

also my friend is vegetarian and doesnt eat fish either could she eat anything else ?

is there a age restriction to this diet? just wondering

can you do something othe than walk like run or ride a bike and how long do you have to do that for?

thanks :slight_smile: