5-Minute Out-Of-The-Door Breakfast

As we all know, most of us like breakfast at any time. For the late risers, however, how can you cook an amazing meal and still make it to work or school on time?
This is a quick microwave fix that tastes amazing.


2 Strips of Bacon
3 Eggs
1/2 cup of bacon bits (measured in quarters)

Lay down the strips of bacon in a cross shape inside of your bowl, and take a 1/4 of the bacon bits and put them in the bottom of the bowl with the bacon. Crack the eggs, put them in there, and beat them with a fork until they’re mostly yellow. Put the rest of the bacon bits in there and stir them in. For fluffier eggs, add a drop or two of water. Microwave them on high for 3 and a half minutes. Enjoy.

Thanks for sharing,this sounds really convenient and delicious…