7 plus layer salad

carrots sliced thin
green pepper sliced thin
cucumber sliced thin
cheddar cheese
real bacon fried and crumbled
frozen peas
real mayonaise
celery chopped
boiled egg sliced thin
sweet valdalia onion or green onion sliced thin
grape tomatoes slice thin

In a deep salad or cassarole dish add:
start with lettuce shredded
layer each ingredient
first pepper, cuke, tomato, celery, carrots, onions
spread mayo on top to cover evenly
sprinkle with apx. 1 tbl sugar
sprinkle bacon on top evenly
add frozen peas to top do not thaw first or use canned not the same
cover with cheese so nothing shows through
place sliced eggs on top decrative I usually use them around the edge of bowl and one in the middle

serve if you make ahead of time is the best so flavors meld together
some people use bacon bits but not the same I prefer mine to be fresh
do not use salad dressing…or canned peas…fresh is best
You can also layer any ingrediant you like on your salad or leave out what you don’t like the more the tastier.

Than you so much for this recipe .