A Delicious Drink For This Valentines Day

Hi Everybody I’m happy to been here in this great comunity, I’m from Colombia and i´ve got for you today a great Drink Recipe made in my country for this coming St Valentine Day

This Drink is Called “Sabajon”

And here you got the Recipe, i hope you can make it and enjoy it as i made here in my hometown

3 Milk Bottles
1 Sugar Cup
1/2 Rum bottle
1 Vanilla teaspoon
5 Tablespoon Cornstarch
1/2 Teaspoon Nutmeg
4 Beaten Yolks


Boiled milk. Take 2 cups of milk already boiled, it mixes the sugar and cornstarch in cold water until have faded and become again the fire until it thickens. Remove fire, add the remaining milk, stir well and let it cool. Then add the beaten egg yolks and pass them through a strainer and then put the nutmeg, vanilla and rum, let bottled and cover well.

Drink Cold

Victoria Guzman
An expert in good food and cooking