A Family Plan for Heart Health

A Family Plan for Heart Health

As you make healthy changes to your own daily habits, why not get the whole family involved? By teaching your children or grandchildren the importance of eating well and getting regular physical activity, you will help them develop good habits for a lifetime.
Here are some ways to get started:

Set a good example. Adults have a big influence on children’s and teens’ behavior — even though kids may not want to admit it! If you follow a healthy lifestyle, your children and grandchildren will be more likely to do the same. Let them see you eating nutritious snacks and enjoying outdoor activities. Invite them to join you.

Raise “kitchen kids.” Show young children how to clean fruits and veggies and to use in salads. When they are old enough, teach them to use the stovetop, oven, microwave, and toaster safely. Show teens how to make simple, healthy dishes, such as pasta with vegetables and broiled chicken or fish. Children who have basic cooking skills appreciate food more and are more likely to try new dishes.

Get them moving. Encourage your kids or grandkids to get some exercise throughout the day and especially on weekends. Go on outings with them that involve activities such as hiking, swimming, or bicycling. Walk, bike, or jog with them to places close by. Use your backyard or local park for basketball, baseball, football, badminton, or volleyball.
By making these simple changes, you’ll also be ensuring your loved ones’ health. What could be more important?

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