A Good Cup of Coffee


As simple as this may be, when I make coffee it never is that great. :confused: Any tips on how to make a great pot of coffee. I have a 10cup coffee maker. Any help out there would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!

I don’t think I can top the previous post. Touche’ Kitchen Witch. I just have a decent coffee maker that I put 3-4 scoops of grounds in for 10-12 cups. I like my coffee strong and it normally get the job done. I found the best manufacturers are Mr. Coffee and Krups. They are very user friendly, quick and make a decent cup o’ joe. I also LOVE Turkish coffee. If you have never tried it before, it is worth it next time you get a chance.

I dont like coffee its not good for health better you can have tea,

Is there any post in RecipeSecrets.com that tell HOW ie a RECIPE for making a good cup of coffee. None of the above address the issue.

you know I have two electric coffee makers exactly the same one in my aptartment in Barranquilla and the other in my apt. in Cartagena (Colombia) and I use the exact same coffee, the exact same measuring spoon and yet neither me nor my maid here in Barranquilla can make the coffee taste as good as my maid can in Cartagena. It is not the water because I make coffee in both places and mine is the worst of the three of us!! How can this be? I don´t have a clue.

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