A Good Recipe for Pizelles

Grandma’s Pizzelle
Ingredients: eggs, sugar, wheat flour, milk, extra vergin olive oil, grated lemon peel.

Preparation: Stir eggs in an appropriate container together with sugar, olive oil.

Pour milk, leaven and repetitively small doses of flour and whip strongly.

The liquid should be homogenous.

Open the “Pizzelle Iron” (still possible to buy in Villa Santa Maria) and put oil on both sides. Put the “Pizzelle Iron” on the fire and reach an appropriate tempetarure.

Place a spoonfull of the liquid paste in the opened “Pizzelle Iron”…, close the iron and cook for the necessary time.

Pizzelle in Villa Santa Maria and in the nearby villages of the valley of the Sangro, are generally served during cerimonies and festivities.

Suggestion: do not cook Pizzelle with an electrical machine. You may get a similar look but flavour and fragrance may be different!