A new one, from Belgium

Hi, I am Valerie, 38, from Belgium, I just arrived here when searching for a frozen strawberry daiquiri recipe (I tried several times the Bacardi mix in the US but unfortunately we can’t find it in Belgium)…
My English is not perfect at all but I’ll try to do my best :slight_smile:
My best friends are american and I go there (Fla) each 2 years, I love to go there and to live not as a tourist.
I very often go to the restaurant and I own (received from my friend) the 2 top secret restaurant recipes (concurrent ?), I like to cook and find the flavours I ate in the US !
I hope you understand my bad english :wink:
See you soon,

Hi Val H & welcome here. Please share all your favorite ideas & recipes with us.

Hi Valerie
Just wanted to say if you do come across a yummy recipe for the strawberry daiquiri please share with us. Would be good to know for summer months. Thanks