A substitute for club sods?

I am ready to try a new recipe for a Pistachio Cake, and it calls for 1 cup of club soda. I have an old bottle of club soda (no bubbles in it). Can I use a lemon-lime soda “Sprite” as a Substitute? The recipe starts with a cake mix.

Cut back on sugar and use 7-Up instead.

Or use water + a Tbsp of vinegar and mix in 1½ tsp of baking soda w/ dry ingredients.

Use any carbonated beverage (soda or juice), keeping in mind that the flavored beverage you choose will effect the flavor of the cake.

The best best would be to choose a mildly flavored soda, such as ginger ale or lemon lime. Tastefully Simple has a beer bread mix that tastes good with just about any carbonated beverage. I love it with beer, but I’ve tried it with Diet Coke (the cola flavor doesn’t really come through) and I’ve heard people have used Mountain Dew or Code Red Mountain Dew.