Advice needed please...?

I have been on a jelly making kick lately and I was thinking of selling some of my extras in a garage sale that I am having this weekend. Any suggestions on how much to price it? They are in the standard “jelly jars” 8oz, i believe. There are seveal different types. Please, any help will be appreciated.

thanks you Kitchen Witch, I was thinking $2 myself. Maybe it will work and maybe it wont, if not, everyone in my family is getting jelly for Christmas…lol

I am new (just joined) but I know that here in Weatherford, Tx. if you sell homemade foods at your yard sale they want you to know that you open yourself up to liability in this wierd world where the first word of everyone’s sentence is “Sue”. I hope that you do great and sell out of everything, Good Luck.

I think a better idea would be to give your jams and jellies as gifts to friends and family.

2 dollars definitely sounds fair.

I’d like to get my hands on some of your homemade jelly! :slight_smile: