Aero Garden

Has anyone tried this fabulous tool? I received one for a birthday gift in early December. I started with basic herbs (dill, red basil, basil, thyme, parsley, mint and chives). I have been cooking with these wonderful products since. The advertisement shows these huge, lovely plants; however, I chop and use as they grow. It’s too cool. I have also cut the plants, placed in ziplocks (air-tight) and store in my crisper. They keep their pungent fragrance and look as fresh a week later. I’m still experimenting, but so far, this is a great addition to the kitchen. There isn’t anything like a fresh herb.


I am too .
I am also a great fond of the herbs,fresh herbs are indeed adds the stars to the kitchen .

Hi Girish,

Yup, I have one and doing exactly the same thing as you are exact much of the herbs are going into Handi-Vac sealed bags and in to the freezer. All the bags are clipped together and labeled for quick retrieval when I need, but so far I’m still clipping from the growing bunch.

Now how long do these herbs last in the freezer, and what is the proper way to thaw them without losing their flavor…In your opinions