all BBQ's need a quick desert afterwards!

If you know your having the family or some posh friends over to show off your BBQ skills, make this fruit cake in the morning or the day before.

You can serve it with custard, cream or just on its own with a nice coffee or something STRONGER!!!

Fruit Cake:

500 grams of the cheapest mixed fruit.
415 mils of Apricot Nectar.
1+1/2 cups of S.R Flour sifted twice.

Soak the fruit in the Apricot nectar till the fruit is all nice and plump either overnight or 4 to 5 hours!

(I like to put it in the microwave till the juice is just warm the fruit seems to drink it up quicker, cool before adding the flour!)

Using a plastic spatular fold in the flour.

Put the mix into your favorite cake tin after you have greased and floured it.

Heat the oven to 180’

Bake for 1 hour. All depends on your oven.

Eat enjoy.
Just to give you the goss, you will be making this every day, because it is so easy, try adding cranberries, ginger bits, anything you heart desires to the mix everyone will ask for the receipe, tell them to bit their bums its your secret recipe!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hi guys, my names Eva and im completely new to this forum.

I hope that I’ll learn and share a lot of interesting things.


Hey Eva and everyone else. I’m new here too :smiley: !

This recipe seems almost too easy… I gotta try it