Alternate uses for waffle iron

I recently bought a waffle iron. Besides the standard breakfast waffle, I like to find some alternate uses. Savory waffles, sandwiches, mabye something with tortillas or canned biscuits . . . that sort of thing.

Making corn bread in the waffle iron comes to mind, you probably could probably use it much like a George Forman Grill.

Is it a Belgian waffle maker or a regular one? I have a cookie recipe for wafle irons.

I’m almost certain it’s just a regular one. Have to look at the box when I get home. The grids don’t seem deep enough for Belgian. You’ve got the right idea about what I’m after though. My George Foreman grill has fixed plates, no flat side. Probably could do interesting things with that too.

I bet corn bread would work. It sure would look interesting.

Imagine the variety of quick bread and muffin mixes I could try, It would take careful watching to see how long each needed to cook. It seems like they would be crispy on the outside and softer on the inside. Just how I like my waffles. Thanks