Amazing Thai Iced Tea Recipe

This recipe is a hit at my restaurant and home, along with my friends and family. Tastes great, and o so refreshing!!!

Thai Iced Tea Recipe

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Number of Servings:10


* Ingredients 2/3 cup Thai tea leaves
* 1 2/3 cup Water
* 1/2 cup Sugar
* 1 1/2 cup Evaporated Milk (12oz can)

Directions: Bring your water to a boil in a pot with some head space. You’ll need room for the thai tea leaves, you’ll be using a lot and they take up some space. When the water starts to boil, remove the pot from the heat to stop the boiling, and then add the thai tea leaves to the pot, stirring to moisten them. Don’t use a tea bag, or tea ball, or anything but the tea leaves.

Don’t boil the tea or it will turn out bitter. Just let it sit in the hot water.

Set your timer for 4 minutes, and wait.

When your timer goes off, carefully strain the tea into your heat resistant pitcher through a sieve or tea sock. Pour slowly, letting the sieve catch most of the tea leaves. As the sieve clogs up, stop pouring, let the sieve drip for a minute, and then knock the tea leaves out of it into the garbage.

When the tea is in the pitcher, add your sweetener, and stir to dissolve. You have to add the sweetener when the tea is hot to allow the sweetener to melt, otherwise it won’t dissolve fully.

Put the tea in the fridge for a few hours to cool it down. If you must have tea soon, you can use the ice to help cool it down, but it won’t be as strong. This sweetened tea will save for a week or more in the fridge. Make a large batch, and serve with your favorite thai food cuisine.

You have to be sure to use the Thai tea that is sold for Thai Iced Tea. It is orange in color and the flavor is not like any other tea I have tasted.

I’ve never tried Thai iced tea. And oh yeah, we’re going to Thailand this October, will surely try Thai iced tea.

Thank you for sharing.

Will this be your first trip here? If you need any pointers feel free to message me.