an anti-fungal / anti-yeast treatment

my son is in the milatary, he developed something on his feet like trench foot.his feet would bleed , and his toes where growing together ,he went to the dr. and the dr. couldnt do anything for him, so mom to the rescue! lol, i found this recipe and made it up for him and had him use it, hes use to my odd resipes! lol, anyway in 1-2 weeks it was GONE, it works great! i hope you all enjoy this recipe and any other odd recipes i have.

****im looking for a recipe to make your own easers at home ******
Is there a place here to get odd recipes?

             an anti-fungal / anti-yeast treatment

2-tablespoons boric acid.
1-cup cornstarch.

place in a large salt shaker. shake on any area with fungal rash.
makes a great baby shower gift.
some skin rashes are severe enough to take two weeks to heal. also works great on athletes foot.

can i post recipes like this here?