Anderson House Taco Salad

Anderson House Taco Salad

2 pounds Ground beef
1 package Taco seasoning
8 ounce Sharp cheddar cheese; shred
1/2 Head of lettuce; cut finely
2 Tomaotes; chopped up
1 Onion; chopped fine
1 Pace picante sauce, HOT
1 pt Sour cream
1 pk Unflavored taco chips -OR-
Taco salad bowls shells to be baked in oven

Brown the ground beef and drain; add the taco seasoning and water according to the packet directions.

While doing this, have someone else chop the veggies and shred the cheese.

If using the taco salad bowls, bake them in the oven.

If using taco chips, smash them up.

While working, pour margaritas and beers and take sips every now and then.

Supply bowls to place all the ingredients in separately. When everything is
done and ready to go, sit down at table.

Make sure everyone has a beer or margarita!! Pass everything around and let
everyone make their own mess (salad).

One last important thing - the GUYS get clean up duty!!!