Angel Food Ice Cream Cake

Angel Food Ice Cream Cake

1 Angel food cake (8 inches)
1/2 gallon Vanilla ice cream – slightly

2 quarts Fresh strawberries
Sugar or Sugar substitute to taste

Cut the cake in half; tear one half into small pieces and set aside. Cut the other half into 12-14 thin slices; arrange in the bottom of a wax paper lined 13" x 9" x 2" baking pan, overlapping as needed.

Spread softened ice cream over cake, pressing down to smooth.

Gently press the small cake pieces into the ice cream. Cover and freeze. Just before serving, slice strawberries and sweeten to taste. Cut dessert into squares and top with strawberries. Serves 15.

Yummmmmmmmmmm! Ty!

This is also good with different ice cream flavors and fruits to compliment - I made this with raspberry swirl ice cream and substituted raspberries for strawberries - there are so many combinations you can come up with!

Or use a loaf-shapped angel food cake (or pound cake) and slice horizontally in half or thirds (depending on the height of the cake) and fill with orange sherbet and top with strawberry sauce; slice to serve. Lemon-lime (or a cake split into 3 layers and filled with lemon for one layer and lime for the other goes will with blueberry sauce also.

KW- TY! As usual, you get my thoughts going. I used my leftover Choc Ice cream from Weds.? (your post on sugar-free choc ice cream) and used store bought angel food cake and a sugar free choc pudding for filling and fresh strawberries for garnish. My after crab leg party went great! Adults loved it and the sugar free was super. We’re all low-carbers not low-fatters.

Sounds like it was a real success!!! Congrats!!


PS - You’re very welcomed!