antipasto and Italian sausage

Today is an easy day as far as “cooking” goes. But it will take a while for prepping for the antipasto.

Lettuce mix: Romaine, iceberg, green leaf lettuce, carrot strips; cucumbers, red bell pepper rings, grape tomatoes, red onions, diced hard salami, diced provolone, diced mozzarella, deli ham strips, hot ham strips, pepperoncini, black olives - creamy Parmesan dressing.

Homemade Italian sausage fried in olive oil with green and red bell peppers and onion.

Crusty Italian bread.

Lunch: panini - thick sliced sour dough bread filled with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, Swiss and deli turkey slices, topped with zesty Italian dressing and grilled on George Forman grill. Green iced tea. Sweet and dill pickles.