Any Punjabis?

Hi, i’m a new member…enjoy this site.

Am looking for some good mouth watering punjabi recipes. Anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Kitchen Witch

hi shuku,
Today ijoined this site. I am a Indian spl. Chef working in SATS inflight catering (Singapore international airlines ) Singapore. There are alot mouthwateringpunjabi recipes. I am telling you a snx which ii very famous.


  1. LENTIL FLOUR 100gm
    2 Ginger, garlic paste 20 gm
    3 Carom seed 2gm
    4 water For batter
    5 salt To taste
    6 Red chilli pd. 10 gm
    7 Greenchill paste 5 gm
    8 oil To fry
    9 Lemon juice 10ml
    10 Baking powder pinch
    11 White fish 200gm


  1. wash the fish cubes& merinate with limon juice&green chilli paste,10gm. Gingergarlic paste, salt. Keep aside for 10-15 minutes.

  2. sieve the lentil flour, add salt,carom seed, 10gm ginger garlic paste, red chilli powder,baking powder& sufficient quantity of water to make smooth batter.

  3. heat the oil .

  4. dip the marinated fish in this batter & deep fry in oil in light brown in colour.

  5. Sprinkle chaat masala&serve hot with grated redish & mint chutney.

           Mint Chutney:-

1 Mint leaves 30 gm
2 Corriender leaves 30 gm
3 Green chilli 1 no
4 ginger 5 gm
5 garlic 5gm
6 salt To taste
7 tomato 1small
8 Lime juice 5 ml
9 Roasted cumin powder 1gm
10 onion 5gm
11 yoghurt 1 tsp


Make a smooth paste of all ingredients in grinder. Chutnet is ready

I hope you may like it
Satish madaan

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Kitchen Witch

Thanks alot Satish for the fish recipe…
Looking for Amritsar Parathas recipe…any luck?