any suggestion ?

Hi !
Any one know of a good recipe for a substitute for cream cheese frosting,
As in to go with spice cake or red velvet cake and so forth.
thank you !

A wee bit of a challenge… but I’m thinking Borsin cheese, plain yoogurt
(or fruity) and fresh fruit of your choice, that would complimet the main theme, beaten until the desired consistency, and then chiiled and spread.

Considering Boursin is a creamy type of cheese, it would blend well with the other ingredients. Sample Boursin first though to see if it meets you taste expectations. It’s a try as you go for ingredient quantitues…you can always add sugar or splenda to give it a richer sweet taste…Just my 2 cents worth. If it is a request based on health requirements that exclude cheese…we’re back to the drawing board. These are my immediate thoughts…for what they are worth.

Boursin cheese:
Boursin is a modern, creamy, rind-less fresh cow’s milk cheese of cylindrical shape with added garlic and herbs or black pepper. The cheese was created by Francois Boursin in 1957. It has a rich, sweet flavor with a hint of acidity. This cheese is sold in an corrugated-foil wrapper and is used as a table cheese for spreading and baking. It is lovely paired with dry white and fruity red wines.

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Hello, Sometimes when I make my carrot cake I just don’t want the rich cream cheese frosting so I simply dust the top of the cake with powdered sugar, stick a few fresh mint leaves and berries on the side and there you have it. Simple yet elegant and no mess to clean. This works with just about any dry top cake.


Actually I think JoanieCooks is on the right track. Not sure what I was thinking when I posted thoughts on the fly. Actually the more I think of it…the more I think my suggestion sucks…It would need alot of work from where I left off,like havy cream, vanilla?, etc… Ignore my suggestion…it sucks big time…go with Joannie’s idea…unless of course you can be more specific as to what sort of topping your seeking…other than NOT cream cheese. I think my little experiment on the fly might make for a secret weapon to keep wandering animals from defacating in your garden…I truly did digress with my first suggestion. Must have banged my head in the process. YIKES…I can’t believe I posted that!!! Anyway, give us some direction as to what might fit the bill in a general sense and maybe we can go from there…I do like Joanie’s suggestion!

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I tried this and it worked out great and it was a hit

I just took buttercream frosting from the can or you can make your own and used sourcream. This made the one from the can easier to spread and you still have that sweet/sour flavor and very close to cream cheese frosting. Let me know if you like it. You can use low fat sour cream to cut back on the fat and not taste the difference.

Thank you all for your help. I tried the sour cream and came out great.