Anyone have Paul Prudhomme's "Louisianä Kitchen"?

Hi everyone, I had a nice hardcover copy of Paul Prudhomme’s LOUISIANA KITCHEN, that went missing during a move. I am desperate for help finding the recipe for “Seafood Stuffed Fish”.

Let me tell you, the stuffing part of that recipe is probably the best thing I have ever eaten, you can use it for stuffing anything, not just fish. Awesome with stuffed mushrooms. Your guests will FLIP.

Could someone please help me? THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE…

Michelle, Ontario

Kitchen Witch, YOU ARE THE BEST!!

THANKS SO MUCH!! That’s the recipe all right, PERFECT!!

You gotta try it!


I know you asked about this recipe some time ago. I also have that book. The recipe listed below is a little different that what my book says. Since you have already made this recipe before, I have a question about the recipe.

Well into the instructions and after you do all the dredging with the shrimp and the crab mixture is on top, do you fry it open in the grease? If so, I assume that you cannot flip it. Is this correct?