Anyone Have this Problem?

Hi , I am just wondering if anyone else has this problem when searching for recipe it gives me the topics but if i want to access some of them it comes up with this The page you requested was not found at I am looking for the slowcooker dessert or crockpot dessert recipe link that was on here a while ago. any help would greatly be appreciated. SkyEyz_7

Hi Sky!

Did a search for crockpot and when I clicked on one reply, it came up okay. No problem here!

That happens to me…i get the first page…but anything after it comes up like you said

Hi Aline and Kellyburk,
Thanks for your quick response . I dont know why it does it i just hate going thru page after page looking for what i want , at least i know i am not the only one to get it . It is a tease to me when i see what i want then click on it and then have that come up and then look at the date it was posted and go on a search and find hunt lol. I was looking for the crockpot section for desserts and recipes as my boyfriends sister oven broke and was going to email her a link so she could improvise .Thanks again SkyEyz_7 .

I am having the same problem. I did post a recipe so that I could access one. But I get the same reply that recipe is not found on this site

We’re aware of the problem and are working on fixing it. Sorry for any inconvenience.


It should be fixed now. Let me know if you still have the problem.


Hi Ron,
It maybe just me but i still can go to search hit what i want and it comes up with all the different ones but when i hit one of those still says the same thing :cry: . Dont know if anyone else is still having this problem.
Thanks Sky

Ditto for me

same for me too. Also when I get search results, can’t go on after first page.

I have my top tech guy working on this. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Once again, sorry for any inconvenience.


I’ve been informed that this problem is fixed for good. I tried to do a search and it works for me.



Hi Ron,
I just checked it out and works great thank you, thank you, thank you , and thanks to the tech guy for all the hard work and time that goes into the site. Sky