Pickled Ham

2 cups water 1cup vinegar
1 Tbl sugar 1 onion cut fine
ham pieces

Combine first 4 ingredients. Then add ham pieces and marinate. This comes from the Amana Colonies in Iowa

:oops: It was brought to my attention that I had omited as to what kind of ham! It should say cooked and diced.
Also, At the amanas this is served as a side dish, but would be great served with toothpicks buffet style! :roll:

Cucumber /Ryes

1pkg Italian Dressing Mix Cocktail rye bread
1-8oz pkg cream cheese Thin cucumber slices
1/3 cup mayo Diill weed (not dill seed)

Mix mayo, dressing mis, and cream cheese. spread on rye bread. Add cucumber slice on top and sprinkle with dill weed.


1pkg of cream cheese 1pkg luncheon ham
1 tsp Italian seasoning 1 jar kosher dill pickles

Mix well the cream cheese and Itlaian seasoning. Gently pat dry ham slices and pickles with paper towels. spread cream cheese mixture over ham slices. Place pickle on one end of ham slice. gently roll the ham over the pickle. Press into place. Slice into 1" chunks.

There are never any leftovers of these.