apple betty or apple crisp with certain specs.

Hi… I am trying to compile a recipe ( this is where I need help from experts as i am a beginner)

what i wanted to achieve is a fruit crisp or apple betty without using any sugar…or milk, if possible.

I looked at the other apple betty recipes here and they all seem to have sugar as an ingredient.

yep… the lady i am baking for, gets pimples all over if she eats the slightest bit of sugar…white or brown or powdered. so she asked for honey.

I need a professional’s help as i realize that sugar does one thing to a recipe and honey does another.

ok… i will try to be specific.
I have an “apple crisp” recipe which uses
rolled oats, flour, butter (cut in to make pea shaped crumb mixture.) cinnamon,and sugar…

I think the sugar may be part of the reason this crust is crispy… we wanted to remove the sugar in this part of the recipe…
we do not necessarily need the topping to be crispy…

and then,we propose to add honey to the filling, which would be blueberry pie filling or cherry pie filling, or cooked apple, cinnamon, etc filling. we would add the equivalent amount of honey as the sugar called for in the recipe…

in the event that honey would make the filling too runny, would we add two tblsp tapioca? would that work?

would this whole recipe work?
could someone give me a brief list of ingredients and baking temp and time for a pre cooked filled apple or blueberry or cherry crisp or betty…

Do you need more specifics from me?like the exact recipe we wanted to change.?

I have one more recipe question. but i will post per seperate post.

thank you , forum… i am glad I found you.!