are we having fun yet?

Ok - I live in the snow belt - I HATE THE WORDS “LAKE EFFECT” - and we are getting blasted with horrid winds.

The electricity and cable were out for hours.

Why? The rains stopped by 6 AM and the winds dried it all up - no power for 5 hours today - no sump pump (which you then need to manually bail - no easy task) - no telephones - no cable - nothing -

finally it’s all back - I don’t think the house will ever warm up!

The skies are black, the winds won’t stop and they say that the storm is going to hit real hard by 2 this afternoon -

hazardous travel, white outs, blowing snow, trees are down, and they are calling this the calm before the storm - black ice - YUK!

lots of accidents and stranded cars -

oh what fun -

and this is nothing - tomorrow is supposed to be worse!!

KW, my only response can be to wish you the best and hope that you will be able to just get in the kitchen and ignore the storm with no more power outages.

Here in Florida, we don’t have that problem but we do have hurricanes. So, long story short, several years ago we had to purchase a generator or put up with days of no power during the hurricane season which actually lasts over six months!

For you, bake something awesome and know that there are those of us hoping you get through it unscathed.

Thanx - but right now - baking is out of the question! the power was finally restored - only to go out again and we are having an ice ball/thunder session out there right now.

High winds and thunder - now ice balls - so am just waiting for the snow to fly.

Just waiting…

as the power goes out -

better save my battery

I live in California. A fellow employee came in to work this morning and mentioned, “This morning a puddle in front of my house was frozen over.” To which another fellow employee said, “Well I’m from Wisconsin and we have a little puddle that freezes over every year called Lake Michigan.” :wink:

LOL! and ours is called Lake Erie and just a bit north is Lake Ontario - connected by the Niagara River - and you wouldn’t believe how many wait for them to freeze to try to cross them!

Each year we put up an ice boom to stop the ice from eroding the area and wiping out the houses that are right on the lake and then they remove it in spring - I don’t know if it helps or not.

The busniesses and restaurants down on the lake and all along route 5 (which follows the Lake Erie) have to board up their windows because the water (waves) break their windows.