Authentic New Mexican chile rellenos recipe

I skimmed through quite a bit of postings and didn’t find any New Mexican food so here is a little contribution of my own. This recipe is amazing and if you have access to good, fresh chile then this is perfect. I would NOT recommend using canned chiles.

8 poblano chiles fire roasted and peeled (You can do this on your stove)
8 cheddar cheese strips 3/8 x 1 x 3 inches

Make The Batter

1/2 cup flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 egg, seperated
1/2 cup milk
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp Green Chile Powder
1/8 tsp cumin
1/8 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/8 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp baking powder


The chiles need to be dry. Use a paper towel to remove all moisture & skin.

Combine or sift all dry ingredients together

In seperate bowl
Add egg yolk, milk to egg whites
Fold in dry ingredients
Mix for another minute

Get 1/4 cup vegetable oil hot in a Dutch Oven
Stuff poblano with strip of cheese
Dredge stuffed chile in flour then batter
Coat evenly, keep poblano closed
Cook in hot oil, turning until browned
Place on sheet pan in warm oven until all 8 are done

very good when served with green chile sauce, refried beans and spanish rice or just on their own.:mrgreen:

I love chilies rellenos, but I am unable to get poblanos here in Thailand. I got a friend to bring me some seeds to grome myself. I had 4 big beautiful pants with loads of chilies, but they only got about the size of walnuts or a bit bigger. Very disappointing! I don’t know what went wrong, other chilies grow well here.

Hopefully your friend brought you commercial seeds and not harvested out of his own (hybrid) peppers. Seeds from hybrids won’t grow properly. Other than that it just may be just too high a temperature and/or moisture restricting the plant. Shame because poblanos are great peppers to have around.

Your recipe looks really wonderful! I’ll bet it would even be good with chicken or beef added to it.


The seeds were from Burpee, so I know the seeds weren’t the problem. The temperature here is usually in upper 80’s to lower 90’s with high humidity. Many other types of chilies grow extremely well here. I really am puzzled.

thank you just don’t take the time but love the site as it has a lot of great recipies
but would like to find one for home made Mayoniase

Cheddar cheese??? NEVER!!! Use Queso Asadero or if that is unavailable, Monterrey Jack. You can also use Anaheim (aka California) chilies but NEVER use yellow cheese in chilie rellenos.

I don’t normally post so I don’t think I did it right the first time. Three things:

  1. N-E-V-E-R use cheddar cheese or, for that matter, any yellow cheese. It doesn’t melt well and the flavor overwhelms the chilies. Queso Asadero is THE cheese of choice and Monterrey Jack is an acceptable substitute.
  2. ALWAYS use fresh chilies. Canned chilies can’t stand up to the handling. Roasting and preparing fresh chilies is easy.
  3. Anaheim (aka California) chilies are an acceptable substitute and are probably used more than Poblano chilies here in Mexico.

To: lvdkeyes (Thailand); You may have to amend your soil, with acid, alkaline or compost (to name a few). Do you have any sort of county extension service or some other university or local government agency, or even a farm supply store you can ask? …or perhaps Burpee has more information regarding the acid/alkaline needs for poblanos, you can test your soil yourself. Another thought is calcium. I save my egg shells all year long, wash them out, air dry them, save them in an airtight container, then crush them up finely (I use a blender). Then put a small handful in each of the planting holes, mixing slightly with the soil, for all of my nightshade plants (tomatoes, peppers and eggplant). On the years I was in a hurry and forgot; I got far fewer and much smaller fruits. In tomatoes this also helps with fungal problems such as blossom end rot and others (I’ve not had an fungal problems with my peppers). I live in the USA (Oregon).

My sister is always ordering Chile Rellenos when we go to the restaurants, I am so excited to get this recipe, as I will be preparing them for her when she comes for her next visit…this is truely a treat thank you so much for sharing!


Yum Yum Yummy :D. I followed you recipe to a tee and came out with perfect chile rellanos. Thank goodness because I had not made them before and get a regular craving for them. Since I had to go to a restaurant for them in the past, I had them fairly infrequently. NO MORE! The only suggestion I would have is to use Monterrey jack/Colby or jalapeno cheese instead of just cheddar.

Heard I could even used the Chile as a base for a taco…Double YUM! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mammaleh :lol:

Maybe I read this wrong or something but I didn’t find the info for the eggs whites… shall I assume the one egg white beaten and the half cup milk and the yolk to be folded in? Thanks, chili relenos are one of my favorite things!!

Thank you for your suggestions. I did add some vinegar mixture to the soil. I will try the egg shells.

Here’s an easy and non authentic American version of Chile Rellenos Casserole. Everyone seems to like it and it isn’t too hot for us gringos
Mars Skillet Chile Rellenos
4 Poblano chiles that have been roasted, skinned, and de-seeded
Lots of Monterey Jack or Cheddar or even queso blanco
2 T flour, self rising flour, or cornmeal mix
2 eggs
3/4 to1 can Pet milk
1 can (8 oz.) tomato sauce
Spray or grease skillet. Lay chiles then cheese, then mixture of milk, eggs, and flour.Cook till batter is firmed up pretty well then pour tomato sauce on top and cook 10-15 min more.

The chili rellenos cassarole is so easy and tastes good too.
Does anyone have a recipe for making miracle whip salad dressing. I love the tangy flavor of Miracle whip.